Obama Feels Bad About Not Being In Paris; GOP Says It’s Ok: “We Sent Netanyahu”

“Washington, D.C. – President Barack Obama’s administration admitted it erred by failing to send a higher-ranking representative of the United States to the Paris unity march on Sunday.

“White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday afternoon: “I think it’s fair to say that we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there.”

“He said Obama himself would have liked to attend the march “had the circumstances been a little different.” But planning began Friday night, 36 hours before the event began, and there wasn’t enough time for the “onerous and significant” security work that needed to take place ahead of a presidential visit, Earnest said. He said Obama’s presence also would have meant extra restrictions on the people who were there.

” “That said, there is no doubt that the American people and this administration stand foursquare behind our allies in France as they face down this threat,” he said. “And that was evident throughout last week.”

“More than 40 world leaders, including the British and German heads of state, and Russia’s foreign minister, joined at least 1.5 million people on the Paris streets Sunday for a unity march that became France’s biggest-ever public demonstration.

“But Obama and his administration’s top hands were nowhere to be found – an absence that triggered complaints that he missed a key leadership opportunity.

However, a GOP spokesman said the US did have a high-ranking representative at the Paris march, only “he wasn’t an American.”
“Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu attended the Paris unity march on Sunday as a representative of his country, Israel, but also as a surrogate for the President of the United States. Mr. Netanyahu was more than happy to oblige, and the GOP would like to thank him publicly for saving our good name,” the spokesman concluded.

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