Obama Keeping Up His Modest Life Style, Eats in $500G Membership Restaurant

“Oahu, Hawaii – The First Family seems to be enjoying its time in Hawaii, a traditional vacation spot for the Obamas. However, the global recession seems to have bypassed the Obama family this year, as they’re closing out their vacation at one of the most expensive joints Oahu has to offer.

“Vintage Cave, an exclusive restaurant that charges up to $500,000 for membership, is where Michelle and Barack Obama dined Thursday night for nearly three hours. The restaurant offers two tiers of memberships: $500,000 for a “charter member” and $50,000 for a “special member”.

“The meal can be characterized as fine dining as it gets, since the bill for two can approach $1,000, according to Honolulu magazine.

“According to the website of the restaurant, guests are encouraged to “escape the ordinary” and are whisked into a “cave-like environment”. The interior of the Waikiki restaurant is composed of custom-crafted furniture in a space that evokes the “underground architecture of ancient Rome” and granite “quarried in the mountains of India”.

“The perks include the use of the restaurant for private functions, discounts and access to a private wine cellar. There is also a possibility for members to invite non-members, although it is still unclear whether anybody sponsored the First Family as their guests.

Asked to comment, the President stated: “what did you expect? I’ve been a busy man all year long and I think I’ve deserved some down-time with my family. So what if I had dinner with my wife in a high-end restaurant? My days as president are almost numbered and I’m entitled to enjoy them while they last.”

When Newslo reminded the President that the US economy is still in recession, he commented:” I’ve done my part to fix that situation. If the people think that’s not enough, I’d like to see what the Republicans will do. So, call me up with the same question in about two years. I bet we’ll have much more to talk about then.”

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