Obama denies that His Secret Love Nest is for Women

“Washington, D.C. – According to a supermarket tabloid report, First Lady Michelle Obama is beside herself with rage after finding out her husband has a secret love nest!

“Namely, in the magazine’s latest article, which focuses on the alleged problems in the President’s marriage, a source is quoted as saying “Michelle found out about Obama’s top secret love nest and nearly suffered a heart attack.”

“Little is known about the “nest” itself, other than the fact that it’s rumored to be some 15 minutes away from the White House, which adds to the plausibility of the whole story. However, since the President is constantly monitored by Secret Service agents, it remains unclear as to how he would be able to slip pass his security detail and sneak in and out of the compound.

Interestingly, when he was confronted about the issue in a recent interview with Newslo, President Obama stated that “not everything is what is seems when it comes to matters of the First Family.”

The President went on about how “being the President of the United States and married to a black woman at the same time really puts a brother under a lot of pressure.” He also mentioned that “although lying your hat off pretty much comes with the territory when you’re a politician, nothing can prepare a man for a lifetime of concealing the truth from your spouse.”

Sensing that the President was inadvertently coming around to the piece de resistance of the interview, Newslo asked him to elaborate on his last comment. He mysteriously gazed through the window and concluded: “theoretically, if I DID have a secret love nest, why would anyone think it was just for women?”