Obama Thin on Leadership as Viewed by Chris Christie

Someone asked me recently, as they have from time to time, if I think I’d be a good fit for the Oval Office in 2016. My answer, as always, is no — I would be a perfect fit in the Oval Office.

President Barack Obama has many strengths. He loves his country, he’s a good father and I hear he’s a decent basketball player. One thing is clear, though: he’s thin on leadership.

Some 50, 60, perhaps even 120 years ago, the press of this country would have cottoned to the fact that a beanpole like Obama is not fit to lead. The man has no stature! But does the liberal press call out their messiah for being emaciated in the face of broad problems? No. Do the pundits and talking heads call foul for Michelle Obama’s greenery pushing, even as blizzards shake our nation and a protective layer of blubber could be our final defense? No. Was I offered seconds at my last gubernatorial dinner at the White House? Need I even say it? No.

I have taken a lot of flak from my Republican friends for praising the president’s response in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. While it is true that President Obama was quick and efficient in his delivery of aid, even in the clean-up response phase he showed his weakness. Again, this is hardly an angle the mainstream, skinny-loving media would even feel the need to mention.

The president and I were standing on a demolished wharf some four or five miles south of Newark. He looked off at the horizon. An aide brought me an updated list of projected losses to our tourism industry. Crews were sifting through debris, cataloguing items found. I may or may not have seen a teddy bear in the sand.

And then, hand to God, Barack Obama nearly blew away in the wind. A strong gust came off the Atlantic and whipped around our heads. Those of us made of sterner stuff might hardly have noticed, but if it weren’t for the quick reaction times of our noble Secret Service personnel, the leader of the free world could have blown away right then and there.

“That was a close one,” President Obama said, brushing sand from his windbreaker. “Why don’t we go inside?”

Bold bears of men founded this country, my fellow Americans. Men who like their steaks thick, their cream rich and their calzones – I’m sure, if they’d known – from Junior’s Pizza and Subs (but the one in Boonton, not Oakland). Have we turned from their abundant legacy to a malnourished future?

Barack Obama is slight of frame and policy. As president, I would eat his lunch. I would be a perfect fit for the job. Now, the question is, do I really want it? And is the United States ready to send back the appetizer and get on with the main course?

Chris Christie