Obama visits VA hospital to check ‘wait times’ leaves 2 days later

President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to a VA Hospital in Arizona to check on care given to vets.
What was supposed to be a quick trip, turned into an all-day affair for the President.

“I want to experience a typical visit” he said smiling for the cameras. After pulling number 135 from the ‘quick pull’ ticket dispenser he, and about 35 handlers, press and assorted VA supervisors and staff sat down to wait for the number to be called.

“Just because I’m the President of the United States and can fire all of you, I don’t want to be treated any differently than any of our vets here” he said jokingly.

An hour later, after the number 12 was called, a visibly antsy Obama got up, went to the window and said to no one in particular “I’ve got a picture of another president in my pocket for anyone who can get me in before dinner.”

As the group waited in silence, all that could be heard was his blackberry playing ‘Hail to the Chief’ in an endless stream of calls from Senators, Congresspersons and Michelle who wanted to know when he’d be home for supper.

Secretary of the veteran’s Administration, Bob McDonald was seen off in a corner texting his resume back to Procter and Gamble. “It’s not like selling soap” he was heard to mumble.
“What if all I need is a band aid”? Obama said as he announced the formation of a committee to replace the uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area.

Afterward, he stressed a need to “restore trust and confidence in the VA system,” adding, “It’s important that veterans know somebody’s got their backs; not to mention their fronts and sides.”