Orlando Shooter’s Father To Sue “Whoever Is Ruining My Son’s Good Reputation By Calling Him Gay”

The man who murdered 49 people at a gay club in Orlando was a closet homosexual who used gay dating apps and frequented gay bars, according to friends and locals in the city. On Tuesday police were considering pressing charges against Omar Mateen’s second wife, Nour Salman, 30, who told the FBI she went with him to scope out possible targets, and that she had tried to stop him from carrying out the attacks. However, some who knew the New York-born killer have painted a picture of a gay man who could not come to terms with his sexuality.

The shooter’s father, however, Seddique Mateen, has publically called for “whoever is calling my son gay” to stop doing so, “because Omar was a peaceful, Allah-fearing Muslim who couldn’t stop chasing women and was very good in bed.” Apparently, it is considered tradition in the Mateen residence for the females who have had intercourse with the son of the head of the house to file a detailed report on the son’s skills, creativity, stamina and overall level of performance in the sack.

“Such a thing is considered normal where we come from,” Seddique told ABC News. “And I know for a fact that my son was a monster in bed, because countless women who have had the honor of being guests among his sheets have told us so. I mean, sure, he had the occasional fetish of being dominated over and switching roles with his partners, but every man goes through that phase of exploration when discovering his sexuality.” Omar’s father also urged the reporter to understand that “the fact that I’m even talking to you about this is pushing the limit, these sort of things are very hush-hush in my homeland.”

After he finished bragging about his son’s alleged sexual conquests and exploits, Mateen Senior went back to threatening those who “aim to smear his son’s good heterosexual reputation.” “I hereby call anyone and everyone who is deliberately portraying my son as gay to come forward with any evidence they might have of this, so that the truth is finally flushed out. If you do not do this, I intend to find out your identity and take legal action against you on the grounds of slander and conspiracy to inflict shame. This will not end well for you,” he warned.

“Despite the horrible crime he has committed, my son’s reputation up until that moment was that of a true ladies man, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that such a reputation also precedes him in Paradise,” Seddique continued. When asked to elaborate on why his son’s posthumous reputation is so important to him, he replied, “Well, would you like to arrive in Paradise and face 72 gorgeous virgins only to have them look at you and think you’re gay? Of course not, no Muslim in their right mind would ever want that. And then there’s the fact that blueb*lls can be a bitch, trust me.”

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