Accused PA Cop Killer Hunted With The Legendary Weather Balloon From Area 51

“Canadensis, Pennsylvania – Eric Frein, 31, a suspect in the murder of trooper Bryon Dickson and wounding of trooper Alex Douglass, is the reason for the massive manhunt in in the state of Pennsylvania. On September 12th, Frein allegedly opened fire outside the Blooming Groove state police barracks, which resulted in the death of one state trooper and serious injuries of the other.

“However, the manhunt that has been going on for more than 45 days, has recently been greatly improved. Namely, “the Ohio Department of Transportation donated a large, Mylar balloon to the PA state troopers”, says trooper Tom Kelly.

“We are very grateful to the Ohio Department of Transportation and their cooperation with Area 51; we all know how the latter is hard to get to. Anyway, “the unmanned balloon we received today will undoubtedly help us find the suspect much quicker than we’d be able to the old-fashioned way”, he added.

The Ohio Department of Transportation press secretary, Steve Faulkner, said in an interview to CBS News: “we are happy to be in a situation where we can help the Pennsylvania state troopers bring to justice a suspect who did such a heinous acts. Getting a hold of Area 51 was next to impossible, and we’ve already told the police that they never do anything without expecting something in return”.

Officer Kelly replied: “yes, we’ve been warned that the balloon is here probably to do much more than just help us find the suspect in the dense forest. However, since we’re running out of options, we’ll just have to take what we can”.

Area 51 has remained silent on the matter, and that can hardly be called a surprise. If the folks in Canadensis, PA. start seeing strange lights and noises at night, at least the State Department will have a credible excuse this time.