Palin: “My Appearance Proves I’m Ready To Replace Yellen Under Trump”

Former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin was a contestant on ABC’s Match Game Monday night and drew a positive reaction from the show’s left-leaning host for her answer to one of his questions about Hillary Clinton. “Hillary Clinton just opened a new magic show on the Las Vegas strip. For her final trick, she makes everyone’s (blank disappear),” was the question posed by host and actor Alec Baldwin. While others guessed “Donald Trump” and “election ballots,” Palin had a different guess. “Brains,” she said, to laughs from the crowd and a high-five from Baldwin.

After the show, Palin was conveniently interviewed by ABC News and asked to comment on the appearance of herself as a Republican in a liberal Hollywood. She said, “Well, to be quite honest, I’ve always wanted to do something like this, something that’s atypical of me, of the regular, well-known Sarah Palin. And luckily, this gave me the opportunity to do just that.” Also asked whether or not the audience could see sparks flying between herself and Baldwin, Palin laughed and said, “Oh, you know, he’s a charmer, no doubt about that. But, we’re both married, so we’re just friends.”

“At the same time,” she apparently wanted to elaborate further on the first question, “I must say that there was also an element of spite in my appearance here tonight. Despite what many people think, I always follow what’s going on and what’s being said throughout social media. And I know many are referring to me as someone who’s less than intelligent. So, part of why I wanted to go on ‘Match Game’ tonight was because I wanted to set the record straight once and for all. I wanted people to know that Sarah Palin is smarter than ever. And I think I accomplished that.”

But, like most politicians, she couldn’t stay away from the topic for too long: “And you know, I was kind of hoping Donald Trump was watching tonight because I think there was a lot he could have taken away from it all.” Asked to clarify, she said that her display of intelligence could also be interpreted as a signal that she’s ready to take up a position in the Trump administration, should the Republican presidential candidate and billionaire businessman go on to win the presidency. “I mean, I could do a lot for this country, I want to do a lot. And that’s where I could do it from.”

She continued, “The Trump administration promises to be vast and very capable, but also efficient at the same time. And I can totally see myself as a part of such an apparatus. For example, I would love to replace Janet Yellen after the presidential election, I think I have everything that’s needed to be the new head of the Fed. And if anyone doubts me for a second, I’d like to refer them to the events of tonight. I was the only one to think of the ‘brains’ pun, that’s got to count for something, right? I mean, I didn’t see anybody else think of it. And that goes to show I’m capable of singlehandedly dictating the rules for the entire financial structure of the globe. Just like that,” she concluded.