Palin Blames Obama And His “Anti-God Global Warming Fight” For Her Husband’s Snowmobile Accident

After a somewhat disastrous campaign stop in Florida to promote the GOP presidential campaign of Donald Trump, former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin cancelled a stop on Monday after her husband was reportedly involved in a “very serious” snowmobile crash. Palin was supposed to make a campaign stop at The Villages – a massive retirement community in Sumter that is a frequent stop for politicians – however, according to Beth Reinhard of the Wall Street Journal, the event was cancelled. “Sarah Palin event in The Villages in FL cancelled today. ‘Governor Palin wishes her best to Mr. Trump in the upcoming primaries,’” Reinhard tweeted. NBC News updated the story, tweeting: “Todd Palin, husband of Sarah Palin, involved in “very serious” snowmobile crash; Palin’s Trump event in Florida cancelled.”

Commenting on the unfortunate event that prevented her from demonstrating her support to billionaire businessman-turned-presidential-candidate Donald Trump, Palin stated in an interview that she was “infuriated with the actions of President Barack Obama,” adding, “not because of his usual Democratic ranting, but because he was personally responsible for endangering the life of a member of her family.” “I like to think of myself as a woman who is fairly reasonable,” the former Alaskan governor said. “And while I can understand all sorts of people, including politicians, which is a great thing, I cannot and will not understand someone who only looks after their own selfish interests despite the fact that he is personally in charge of almost half a billion American lives, one of which happens to be my husband’s!” she fumed.

Asked to elaborate, Palin continued, “Barack Obama’s constant defiance and disobedience to our Lord, Jesus Christ, has brought forth many bad things for this country, like same-sex marriage and foreign policy disasters. And I know I’m not supposed to blame him, since he’s not a Christian and all that. But, how do you ignore the fact that the majority of the American people are Christians and that they are, at the same time, being represented by a Muslim or whatever the hell he is? He’s had many failures as president, some minor and much more major ones, but his incessant need to combat global warming has left this country in ruins. If God wants us to lose the polar caps and transform this planet, which he obviously does, then who are we to object? But sure enough, there he is, our great president, with his campaigns to save the Earth and protect the polar caps, and as a result of all that – we still have plenty of snow in Alaska. Which brings me to my point.”

“My husband loves the snow, and so do I, and I’m not going to pretend that’s not the case,” Palin said. “But, when God interferes with a plan, you don’t protest; you go with it. And the reason why my husband had an accident in the first place is the fact that Barack Obama made sure to disobey God’s will and his efforts resulted in a lack of higher temperatures throughout Alaska. We still have snow up here because Barack Obama made sure we did, despite God’s will, and because of that, my husband suffered an accident. How do I know he didn’t do that on purpose? I know he hates me. How do I know he didn’t choose Alaska as a testing ground or something? I don’t, so I have to assume he targeted my husband Todd. Imagine I did something like that to his wife Michelle or his daughters. I’d be guillotined almost immediately. And the worst part is – his damage to Alaska is permanent, so all that snow will still be around long after he’s gone from the White House. My only hope is that Donald Trump agrees to avenge my husband Todd when he becomes president. That way I may finally be able to get some satisfaction.”

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