Palin: “I Couldn’t See Eye To Eye With POTUS On The Mexico City Abortion Rule; There’s Too Much Of Them Anyway”

Washington, D.C. – President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City abortion rules on Monday, which was rescinded by former President Barack Obama exactly eight years ago. Though Trump has had controversial clashes with Mexico over his border wall policy, this executive order actually has nothing to do with Mexico, despite its name. It’s also not unique to Trump – it’s a policy that gets rescinded or reinstated every time the presidency switches from Democrat to Republican, or vice versa. It requires foreign nongovernmental organizations to not provide or promote abortion services if they receive funds from the U.S. government. Promoting abortion services includes work such as counseling for women that includes language on abortions.

Former half-term Alaska governor and Republican pundit Sarah Palin voiced her concerns on this occasion as well, even though she failed to secure a more significant position in the Trump administration despite her alleged close relationship with the new president. “I have to say, we had quite the argument about this particular issue, and I’m sorry to report that, at the end of the day, we just couldn’t see eye to eye,” Palin told The Washington Post. “I realize that his views on the countless problems that are plaguing America right now have to change, because the campaign war is over and we can all relax a bit. However, that doesn’t mean I agree with his decision, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise.”

Palin revealed that President Trump and she “argued for hours on end,” but that they couldn’t see things from each other’s perspective. “And I’ve told him this no less than 50 times, I said I couldn’t understand why he has to change that much, to which he replied, ‘I get it, but you gotta let this go, the Mexicans aren’t the enemy anymore.’ And I was like, ‘Bulls*it they’re not – there’s too much of them here in the first place.’ But, you know, Donald Trump is Donald Trump; he wouldn’t have made president if he hadn’t been so stubborn from the get-go. And like it or not, you kind of have to give him credit for it. I bet Hillary regrets not having taken a page from his handbook right about now, huh? And I think that also applies to other Americans, as well.”

Asked to elaborate on her position on the abortion rules, Palin said that she felt it was “not in the best interest of the United States to have more Mexicans running around,” especially because of Syrian refugees and other non-white entities looking to chase down their version of the American dream. “We’re going full-brown as a country, I’m telling you,” she argued. “And the sad thing is, we’ve already got tons of brown folks, we’ve got the Hindus, we’ve got the Middle Easterners, heck, we’ve even got the Native Americans. That’s all the brown we can take, I’m afraid. Add Mexicans to the mix and we’ll be overdosing on all that brownness in no time.”

“It’s like when you’re making a delicious chicken meal and you’ve got a little bit of everything in there, you’ve got rice, which are the Asians, you’ve got soy sauce, which are black people, and then someone comes up to you and dumps a whole handful of curry powder. It just ruins all your efforts of making a delicious, white chicken-dominated dish. It’s not fair. And in this case, we need less Mexicans, not more of them. And the reason why that’s so important is because President Trump can’t seem to comprehend that we can always have another chicken, but we can’t have another America. We’ve got the one and if we ruin it with too much curry, we’ll all be hungry at the end,” she colorfully concluded.