Palin Says She Didn’t Understand The Sign: “Good Republicans Never Use Such Language”

“Sarah Palin has never been one to shy away from controversy – and now she’s jumping into a new one over the film “American Sniper.”

“On Friday, Afghanistan war veteran Dakota Meyer posted a photo to his Twitter account of himself and the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate holding up a sign that said “Fuc_ you, Michael Moore,” with the Os in Moore deliberately drawn as cross-hairs. In a blog post, Palin’s daughter Bristol confirmed that the photo was indeed really Sarah Palin.

“The sign was a response to a controversial tweet in which Moore, a documentary filmmaker known for his left-wing views, called snipers “cowards,” saying: “my uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse.”

“After receiving backlash from conservatives and supporters of “American Sniper,” Moore elaborated on his comments on Facebook but did not back down, clarifying that his comments were in reference to snipers but that he was not specifically commenting on the film.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Newslo, the former Alaskan governor and all-round one of the most attractive politicians in the United States apologized for the picture, saying that “it all happened very fast,” and that she was “unaware of what the sign actually said, until it was too late.”

“I cannot say I’m a woman who’s afraid of speaking her mind even when it’s probably better I keep quiet, but the one thing I have never done is use profanities in any form of public address. The incident with the sign was just an unfortunate turn of events,” Palin said.

She added: “it all happened so fast; they just asked me to hold the sign up, so I did, and I only had a glimpse of it before the cameras started flashing. I’m a republican, and republicans don’t use such foul language.” She finally concluded by saying: “in retrospect, I never would have held up the sign had I known what was written on it; I will definitely pay closer attention to my actions in the future. But, off the record – do I agree with what the sign said? Hell yes!”

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