Palin: “Donald Never Questioned Obama’s Birthplace; He Just Emphasized His Kenyan-American Mentality”

While President Obama is set to end his second term in just five months, some of his older critics are still not giving up their attacks. And regardless of the fact that he usually keeps quiet about his views on former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, he decided to use her as the butt of a joke while speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute recently. After thanking those in attendance for helping his administration move the country forward, Obama gave a short list of accomplishments before stating, “What Sarah Palin called that hopey-changey stuff.” The crowd erupted in laughter.

However, Palin is not the type to back down from a fight, as she’s proven since her defeat in 2008. But, she also knows when she’s outgunned, which is why she attempted to involve Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump into her response to President Obama, as evidenced by her interview with ABC News recently. “You know, I would love to tell President Obama to just stick to his day job and avoid comedy, but since he’s really bad at his day job, I’m thinking he should continue trying to make jokes for a while longer. After all, he’ll need something to do after Donald kicks him out of the White House for good,” she said.

“And I don’t care what the Democrats are trying to pin on Donald, but you better believe none of it is true, and especially not the ridiculous theory that his past as a birther makes him a racist, that’s just preposterous,” she added. “For the record, not once did Donald Trump claim that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. He has said a lot of controversial things, we’ll all give him that, but that’s not one of them. And anyone who says otherwise is lying. What he did say, by the way, was he just emphasized Obama’s Kenyan mentality, that’s all. But it’s a very important distinction.”

Palin also argued that while President Obama looks like an African American on the outside, in reality, on the inside he’s “an American who acts as a Kenyan.” “There’s just no escaping that whole slave mentality, you know,” Palin argued. “No matter how many generations attempt to dilute it, there’s just no erasing something that’s etched so deep in one’s DNA. It’s as if you were to try to teach a gorilla not to eat bananas every day. It can’t be done, it’s just instinctive. And that’s why you see Vladimir Putin laughing at Obama all the time; we used to be equals after WWII, then the Soviet Union fell apart and now they’re the ones laughing at us because we have a monkey-slave for a president, it’s ridiculous,” she said.

“That’s one of the many things Donald Trump has said about President Obama that are true, not because it was the future president of America that said them, but because they’re the real truth. At the end of the day, Obama can make jokes all he wants, but that’s all he has left, considering he’s packing his bags and will go down in history as someone who will be the ridiculed by our grandchildren. When teachers in schools 40, 50 years from now ask our grandchildren who was it that gave Iran $400 million dollars to build a nuke and launch it on the White House, they’ll unanimously answer, ‘the Kenyan-Comedian-Slave-President Obama.’ That will be his legacy,” she concluded.