Palin: “I’m Sick of Being Called A Racist, If It’s Dangerous For Blacks Here, They Can Go Back To Africa”

On Thursday night during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, shots came raining down from a building above. The crowd started to scatter, but not before 11 police officers were shot, resulting in five deaths before morning. After a stand off with police, the suspect, identified as 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson, was shot and killed after the police decided to send in a robot bomb. In the aftermath, both sides of the political spectrum have decided to spin the story to favor their agenda, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was no exception.

Referring to the Black Lives Matter movement as a “farce” in her Facebook post, Palin caused a firestorm on the Internet, resulting in hundreds of people of all races and ethnicities leaving comments that blast away at her position. However, as the former Alaskan governor is no stranger to standing her ground, especially when she’s wrong, this time was no different. Speaking to Fox News, Palin argued that “every time someone chooses to call out something everybody knows to be fake, this kind of reaction happens. But that only means I’m right.”

“And what confuses me even more is the fact that I’m the one being called racist, when it’s obvious that I care about black lives no less then I do about all other lives, including native ones, Asian ones, Hindu ones and so on,” she argued, repeating part of her controversial Facebook post. “At the end of the day, I sympathize with every single American citizen regardless of their skin color. To me all Americans are equal. However, I refuse to be insulted because of the fact that I promote equality through shooting down the alleged oppression of black people.”

Palin then offered her take on the possible solution of the situation. “This country was built on and has survived this long thanks to laws and authority. If you purposely choose to disobey either one, you’re going to suffer consequences,” she said and added, “and if that’s too much for black people to handle, because that’s what they’re saying if I’m not mistaken, if this country with all of its laws, rules, and regulations is still to difficult and dangerous for them, then they’re welcome to go back to the safety of their true motherland of Africa. I’m sure they’ll be better off there.”

“And I’m being serious here, that would be the ideal solution for both them and everybody else in America who’s not that big of a chicken to suck it up and take the bad along with the good. And there’s a lot of good things about being American, everybody knows that, or else they wouldn’t be emigrating here all the time,” Palin opined. “We tried to do them a favor, we tried to get black people out of Africa and away from the things they had suffered there, but apparently we were wrong. We should have just left them where they were and gone about our business. And maybe today we would have 5 more outstanding police officers to shake their hand and thank them for doing such a courageous job.”

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