Palin & Nugent Visit White House, Tweet “The Real IQ Behind The Government”

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday visited the White House with musicians Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. Palin posted photos from her visit, which were widely mocked on social media. Many users related the picture to her infamous 2008 interview, where then-vice presidential candidate Palin suggested Alaska’s proximity to Russia means “they’re [her] next-door neighbor.” That statement was panned by pundits and comics, most notable SNL’s Tina Fey, who played Palin on the sketch comedy show. During one segment, Fey-as-Palin proudly proclaimed, “I can see Russia from my house!” Trump has his fair share of connections to Russia; the FBI is currently investigating whether Trump officials coordinated with Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential election.

Surprisingly, it went somewhat unnoticed that Palin also tweeted from the White House. Posting a picture of her and Nugent, the tweet said, “The Real IQ Behind The Government.” In an interview later during the day with portal, she commented on the tweet and argued that social networks “much like God, work in mysterious ways.” “I mean, here’s a situation where you’ve got the three of us being literally crucified for visiting the White House, and on the other hand, something I tweeted while I was there goes relatively unnoticed. Not that I’m complaining of either scenario, but I just don’t get how these modern technologies work anymore,” she said.

The former half-term governor of Alaska also argued that her tweet was “as honest and heartfelt as they come,” given that her and Ted Nugent’s support to Donald Trump during his presidential campaign was “nothing short of epic.” “I mean, we weren’t members of his staff or anything, but we might as well have been. We were doing most of the public promotions, speeches – both on and off the record, talk shows, mentioned him in every interview or public appearance, I mean, you name it and Ted and I probably did it,” she said. “I’m not looking for recognition from Donald Trump or anyone for it, because we didn’t do it in order to get some personal benefit. We did it because we believed in the man as we still do. However, I won’t be sidelined now that the hard part’s over.”

She continued, “As a matter of fact, with all due respect to Donald, I would even go so far as to say that Ted and I hold an equal part in the fact that Donald Trump is now president. Kudos to all his strategists and his inner circle, but I won’t shy away from saying that we’re the ones who kept thinking ahead and making sure he was one step ahead of the Democrats. Ted’s direct approach to politics coupled with my perfectly timed rhetoric comprised a huge part of the power Donald Trump kept showing throughout his campaign. We supported him every step of the way and will continue to do so – again, not because we stand to gain something from it all, but because we believe he’s the right person for the job. It’s just that, we want it known that we are the real IQ behind the current government.”

“What’s more, I know for a fact that Ted is currently working on a new rock-style national anthem geared towards true Americans, not these imported ones. That’s how big of a patriot he is. Donald is going to love it, I’m sure of it,” she concluded.