Palin: “If Trump Fails, I Will Lead A #BibleBlexit And We’ll Create A United State Of God”

If you thought Donald Trump’s take on the Brexit was idiotic, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Sarah Palin’s scorching take. “Good on you for ignoring all the fear mongering from special interest globalists who tend to aim for that apocalyptic One World Government that dissolves a nation’s self-determination and sovereignty…the EU being a One World Government mini-me,” Palin wrote on Facebook.

The former half-term governor of Alaska continued to lash out on the European Union, which, she believes, is “nothing more than a pathetic attempt to get in on the action between the world powers.” “I really don’t know why those tiny countries think they have what it takes to play with the big boys. I mean, they say Europe is the cradle of Western Civilization. If that’s true, than we’ve vastly outgrown that cradle, and it’s now time to chop it up for firewood,” she argued.

However, that’s when another one of Palin’s coo-coo ideas came out in what could only be described as a blatant display of secessionist tendencies: “Furthermore, I’m not even going to get into the fact that a similar move should be made in the United States. Should Donald Trump fail to truly make America great again, I am personally going to initiate a #BibleBlexit referendum. I believe that the Bible Belt deserves to have full autonomy in every aspect of decision-making, which is not the case now. We deserve to have a country of our own that respects God the way our ancestors used to.”

“The United States of God,” which, according to Palin, will be the name of the new U.S.-based country, “will be everything that’s right about today’s America and not a single thing that’s wrong. By that I mean to say that it will be a conservative country which will only recognize as citizens people who are Christian, who respect the Bible and live by it, and who are willing to remain celibate until marriage. It pains me to say that my daughter Bristol, will therefore, unfortunately, not be able to emigrate to this new state, but, alas, such is the way of sinners.”

Among thousands of comments to her flammable Facebook post was one that asked, “Isn’t that kind of what Hitler was trying to turn Nazi-Germany into during World War 2?” Seemingly amused by this reasonable replica, Palin replied, “Could be, but as you can see, I’m not planning on murdering hundreds of thousands of people in the process. I’m merely calling on the people to make a decision that concerns their future, just like the Brits have done without a single shot fired throughout the process. If that’s not a victory for democracy and modern civilization, I don’t know what is.”

“Besides,” she added, “think of it as plan B. There’s a chance none of this happens. If Donald Trump indeed turns out to be the president and leader I think he is, we’re looking at golden times ahead. If not, we’ve got nothing to worry about. Because, that’s what’s cool about us Americans – we have a lot of plans, and when they fail, we turn the blame to someone else, take the money and run. Basically, most of the time we’re just winging it.”

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