Pastor Kevin Swanson: “Paris Attacks Were Justified, Only Gays And Satanists Were Killed”

The anti-gay Iowa pastor who has hosted several Republican presidential candidates railed against survivors of the terrorist attack inside a Parisian music hall on his radio show, Right Wing Watch reported. “I think we need to ask concert-goers, at least those who survived, ‘Did you love the devil and did you love the devil’s work as your friends were being shot up in that massacre?’” Kevin Swanson said on Thursday.

“I think we ought to ask the question right now. And I’m very serious, I’m deadly serious asking this question.” Swanson was alluding to the deaths of 89 people inside the Bataclan concert hall last Friday. The attack, which took place during a performance by the U.S. rock group Eagles of Death Metal, was characterized by Swanson as a “providential irony.”

“You know, as much as one might want to, you just can’t ignore the irony in all of this,” he said. “You have these sinners, who have denounced their God and have engaged in fornication of unspeakable consequences and then you have a situation in which their punishment is swift, instantaneous, almost. To me, that’s a sure sign from the Man upstairs.”

Swanson later said that, “all things considered, the Paris massacre wasn’t such a tragedy after all, since the majority of those who were killed and/or injured were Satanists and gays,” alluding to the fact that the attack took place at a rock concert. “If you ask me, even though I don’t condone or support terrorism at all, I would venture to guess that the terrorists did their homework and chose their target(s) very wisely.”

The pastor then went on to add that “no matter which God you believe in, he justifies what has happened in Paris, for it is the modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah.” “Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever, your god undoubtedly approves everything that has happened in the lair of fornication, sodomy and sin that is the Old Continent. I only pray that the souls of the dead find peace and remorse in the afterlife, since they could not find it on this Earth.”