Pastor Anderson Supports Islamic Immigration: “They Have The Final Solution For The Gay Problem”

In a video message posted on Sunday, virulently anti-LGBT pastor Steven Anderson reacted to the terrorist attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, by happily announcing that “there’s fifty less pedophiles in this world.” Anderson explained that he didn’t approve of the shooter’s actions, but only because he thinks the victims should have been put to death by the government. “These people all should have been killed anyway… as in, they should’ve been executed by a righteous government,” he said.

Asked to comment on the video, which was removed in the meantime, Anderson argued that “I stand behind every single word I’ve spoken in that clip. I firmly believe all homosexuals are nothing more than a bunch of pedophiles and perverts. If I were president of the United States, I would enact a law that would require all gays to be publicly executed. And not just that, I would make them suffer, too. No guns or lethal injections of nothing like that. Beheadings, torture, public hangings, people burned at the stake, like we used to do in the good, old days with witches and whatnot.”

The anti-LGBT pastor then argued that taking in refugees from Syria and the Middle East is actually a good thing for the country. “If you ask me, we’re not taking in enough of those people. According to my estimate, and this is an educated guess, but according to my estimate we could do with an additional one million Muslim and Islamic immigrants. Why? Well, those guys clearly have The Final Solution for the gay problem. And that’s what we need here. We don’t need equality with perverted abominations, we need to root them out like the small pocks.”

“What’s more,” Anderson continued, “we’d be wise to take a page out of the ISIS handbook. Because, to my knowledge, they don’t have any homos over there. And if they do, they’re either dead or are going to be pretty soon. Meanwhile, America, which is supposed to be the greatest country in the world and the land of the free, is drowning in mentally diseased people who believe it’s okay to be married and in love with other members of the same sex.”

He also argued, “If I was living in Biblical times, and someone told me about a land where that’s being done and, furthermore, is widely considered acceptable, I’d think they were telling me about Sodom and Gomorrah. And I’d get the hell out of there as fast as I could, because we all know what happens next.”

“That’s why ISIS is going to prosper. That’s why the Middle East is going to prosper. That’s why Russia is going to prosper. Because, if we were to import about a million rag-heads, it’s be like introducing a group of mongooses to an area swarming with venomous snakes. And you know what a mongoose does? It hunts down the snake, kills it, and then eats it for lunch. Now, I’m not talking about cannibalism here, but you get the picture. The end result is the same: no more snakes and no more gays. Of course, we’d have to deal with the fact that Michael Moore would probably make a movie about how we’re smothering civil liberties in the country, but what else is new?” the pastor concluded.

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