Pastor Ed Stetzer: “Ashley Madison Is An Atheist Scam Designed To Corrupt God-Fearing Pastors”

“Ed Stetzer, an expert on ecclesiology and missions, recently published an article titled, “My Pastor is on the Ashley Madison List.” There have been numerous updates on the Ashley Madison hack in the media in the past days, but Stetzer recently revealed some shocking news based on personal conversations with a number of prominent church leaders.

“He wrote: “Based on my conversations with leaders from several denominations in the U.S. and Canada, I estimate that at least 400 church leaders (pastors, elders, staff, deacons, etc.) will be resigning soon. This is a significant moment of embarrassment for the church – and it should be. To be honest, the number of pastors and church leaders on Ashley Madison is much lower than the number of those looking to have an affair. Yet, there is still much that we must consider in the midst of the embarrassment.”

Stetzer went on to offer some more shocking, but also very interesting statistics: “To my knowledge and according to the research I have done personally, more than 25% or one quarter of the total number of users of Ashley Madison at were at some point pastors. In other words, countless pastors throughout the United States and Canada have at some point made a profile on the website. To me, this is a devastating fact.”

Speaking with Newslo in an exclusive interview, Stetzer further revealed some typical preferences that most of the pastors seemed to have searched. “I have come to the conclusion that, out of the 25% of church staff members that have created accounts on Ashley Madison, some 90 percent commonly searched for very young or even underage men, also preferably virgins. I am sure everyone is familiar with the disgusting habits of Catholic priests and the heinous things they have done and continue to do to altar and quire boys, but once I crunched the numbers, I was disgusted by them even more.”

Stetzer added: “I have always been a firm believer in the many civic liberties this country bestows upon its citizens, I have even indulged in many of them with a great sense of pride. But, I feel we have gotten to a point where the liberties are turning into oppressive deviances. I am sickened by the results of my research and will forbid my children from going to church as of tomorrow. Other than that, all I can say is God help this country and its wayward flock.”

“I always knew of the difficulties of those who surrender their bodies and minds to the Lord, just as I realized and sympathized with the temptations they faced each day,” Stetzer said. “I can also say that I somewhat understand the pastors’ urges. I mean, before it was hacked, Ashley Madison used pictures of cute young boys in their advertisements to lure and seduce honest men of God. I do not blame them for their unnatural urges; I blame their lack of self-control. That is where they failed.”