Pastor Jeffress: “Trump Loves To Be Married Proves He Is President Material”

Dallas, TX – Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church shared his take on Donald Trump’s debate performance. “I think Donald Trump redeemed himself politically last night,” Jeffress said Monday evening on Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight. “He did exactly what he needed to do. He apologized for his comments and quickly pivoted.”

“And that’s exactly what this country needs – a president who’s not afraid to take risks, but at the same time, is also not scared of apologizing and owning up to his mistakes when the situation calls for it,” the pastor continued. “Many would refer to Donald Trump as a man of opposites; he’s rich, yet he helps those who are not, he is a self-made man yet he gives to those who struggle with hard work, he’s taken a lot from this country and now he’s fighting to be in a position where he’s able to give back to it. And that’s what makes him so great.”

“Simultaneously,” Jeffress continued, “he’s also a man who is definitely president material. And I don’t say that just because his business and negotiation prowess are unmatched. It’s because we’re talking here about a self-made hard worker who is in a position most men spend their entire lives dreaming they were in. He could literally have any woman he wants and as many of them as he wants. Interestingly, however, he made the decision to be married. One would even argue that he loves it. And that really says a lot about a man in my book.”

Asked to elaborate, the pastor opined that Trump’s “duality” is “just what the doctor ordered” when it comes to America’s “delicate balance in all things.” “You see, in a country that’s as diverse and multi-colored as ours, one needs to be able to reconcile the irreconcilable, so to speak,” the pastor said. “By that, I mean that promoting one position or point of view in any sphere of life is just, in lack of a better term, wrong. So many different races, ethnicities, skin colors, religions, traditions and origins make America what it is; therefore, promoting any one single perspective is always going to be discriminatory, even if its designed with the utmost respect for all things different.”

“It’s no secret that many people feel traditional marriage is just not suited for them, and choose to spend their lives with their partners in other types of unions. Yet again, millions choose to honor this age-old tradition. And therein lies Donald Trump’s comparative advantage over Hillary Clinton – he obviously loves being married in the traditional sense, but at the same time, manages to have a dirty mind, as can be seen in countless examples of his arguments and positions on certain matters,” he added.

“At the end of the day, a dirty-minded president of the country is sort of like a condom: it’s better to have one and never use it than to need one and not have it. It’s actually that simple,” Jeffress said. “And it’s exactly that sort of duality that’s enabled him to live the kind of life most of us only dream about. He doesn’t choose to fight those who oppose him; instead, he uses them to his advantage. Just look at how many women he’s had in his day, and not one of them has something nice to say about him today. And yet, he’s still a happily married man. For all intents and purposes, it shouldn’t be that way, but he’s found a way to make it work. Simply put, Donald Trump is a dirty-minded problem solver,” the pastor concluded.