Pastor Piper: “Clinton Is Way Too Muscular To Be Taken Seriously As President, Especially Since Some People Are Attracted To It”

At age 70, when most people are winding down their careers and thinking about retirement, or are already retired, Pastor John Piper is feeling “energized to dream great things,” thanks to the examples of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and even Bernie Sanders. In a recent post for his website, a site for the purpose of glorifying God, the theologian explains the reason for his increased sense of invigoration. “My rising energy has nothing to do with their policies or character. It has to do with the incredible fact that they all want to spend their 70s doing the hardest job in the world.”

However, Piper seems to have a particular problem with Hillary Clinton, and it has nothing to do with her political beliefs. Namely, he argued in his post that he believes the Democratic presidential candidate is “way too muscular” to be taken seriously as President of the United States. “That wouldn’t pose a problem if she was male, since the physical characteristics of a strong, imposing male are a good thing both when it comes to inspiring strength and leadership in some and fear in others,” Piper wrote. “But on a woman, it just seems out of place and could result in her becoming ridiculed and not taken seriously.”

“The way she carries herself, as well as the way she’s built, does not inspire compassion or feminine emotions – qualities that every female politician, and thereby, presidential candidate, would use to their advantage,” he continued. “Instead, Hillary Clinton, though remarkable in her aspirations and ambitions, risks gaining popularity with significantly more male followers and supporters than female. And this puts all of America at risk. The sad truth is that no one will take her seriously because of her male-like behavior. And one of the worst things that could happen to the commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation on the globe is to not be taken seriously.”

The theologian then went on to argue that muscular women in general “do not help support the image of a traditional family,” and are, thus, damaging to American society. “The family values in our traditional, American society revolve around a nuclear family; a family in which the man is the bread winner and the woman is his second-in-command, with her having the all-important job of nurturing the children. In such a setup, the woman consciously puts herself in secondary position in terms of family values. She is loving, caring, feminine, gentle, and supportive. Even God proclaims that women are their husbands’ followers, not their leaders,” Piper argued.

“Hillary Clinton poses a threat to those traditional family values,” he added. “Her muscular physique and tom-boy attitude serve to position her as a strong politician, but also have an unexpected consequence: she is gaining more support from regular, straight men. In turn, this causes men to view strong, muscular women as something natural and God-given, which then makes them susceptible to believing that men are meant to be followers, not leaders. In other words, Hillary Clinton’s masculinity, though positive in terms of foreign policy, has a profoundly negative impact on traditional American family values.”

Piper also said, “Men all over the country are beginning to respond to her butch behavior, and are being brainwashed in the process. In doing so, they are setting the stage for our country to implode from within; because of their unnatural attraction to Hillary Clinton, they have begun believing that strong women are acceptable, and – even worse – that they’re desirable to have and marry.”

“No wonder, then, that we are plagued by such hordes of abominations that call themselves homosexuals. When men start believing strong women are a good thing, they themselves are inspired to act like them – literally. Strong women are destroying America one traditional family value at a time and they’re spearheaded by Hillary Clinton. She must be stopped before it is too late,” the pastor concluded his ominous prediction.