Pastor Saxton: “American Women Deserve To Be Raped By White Men, Not Dirty Muslims”

A pastor with a penchant for carrying a sign that says “You deserve rape” agrees with Donald Trump’s idea to ban Muslims from the United States because he claims they rape women. Dean Saxton, a street preacher from Glendale, Arizona, last made headlines when his incendiary comments about LGBT people drove a woman to strike him in the head with a baseball bat. Paxton was again preaching hatred at the RNC in Cleveland when The Young Turks’ Jordan Chariton stopped to interview him. “The problem with Islam is, is that it rapes women,” Saxton ranted in the video posted Wednesday. “It’s racist. It kills people.”

When Chariton pointed out that the majority of recent terrorist attacks on U.S. soil were committed by non-Muslims, Saxton simply ignored the argument. “Let me tell you a thing or two about the American woman, my friend,” he preached. “The American woman is breed about to be extinct. Because, every day more and more of these filthy Muslims are coming to this country, and you know, when you grow up looking at black cloth Muslim women typically wear and seeing nothing but their eyes, it’s a heck of a revelation when you come here and see American women in all of their hotness and beauty. And that changes a man.”

Asked to elaborate, the pastor argued that “entire kingdoms and civilizations have been destroyed over the beauty of women, just ask Troy. So when you’re raised in a society that condones treating women like property, coming here and seeing everything America has to offer, including half-naked, well-toned blondes, it kind of makes you want to go back to your old ways. But, the problem is – women aren’t a commodity here. They’re human beings, just like us men and it’s much harder getting an American woman to like you than it is some slave girl from Syria or wherever.”

“It’s kind of like when you have a monkey raised in captivity and then some day you decide that it’s ready to be released back into the wild,” Saxton opined. “If you do that, you’re not only endangering the monkey, but also the entire ecosystem to which you’re introducing such an animal. Muslims are used to raping women whenever they want to, just like they’re used to considering such an act quite normal. Well, I’m here to stand up for the gorgeous women of America and I say they deserve to get raped by white men, not goat-herding, rude Muslims with questionable hygienic habits. Where’s the justice for white men? Are we to become second-class citizens in our own country? I don’t think so.”

“And that’s another thing – they’ve got so much oil over there that all they need to do is sell a camel or something and they have enough money to come here, buy a hotel or something and live the good life. That’s not fair to white people. So, not only do they get to rape our women, but they also get to attract the gold diggers with their money? That’s the last straw, I’m telling you. We need white babies, not mixed race ones. And we’re never going to get that far if we keep letting Muslims into our country. This has to stop,” Saxton said.

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