Pastor Scarborough: “Hillary Is Worse Than Hitler; He Was Only Hunting Jews, She Means To Wipe Out Christians As Well”

Rick Scarborough, a Texas pastor and head of Vision America, spoke with Ohio pastors recently in a call organized by Citizens of Community Values, urging them to stand up and support Donald Trump because, if Hillary Clinton is elected president, there will be “no freedom” by the end of her term and the country will be closer to witnessing the “final destruction of our culture and of our freedoms.” Scarborough, echoing a line that a few other Religions Right figures have used, compared Christians in America siding with Trump to defeat Clinton to Churchill and Roosevelt siding with Stalin to defeat Hitler.

“Although, I would argue that there’s a very important distinction to be made here – Hillary Clinton is far worse than Adolf Hitler ever was,” Scarborough argued. “And that means a lot, given that we’re talking about a man who is generally considered the single greatest mass murderer in the history of mankind. Plus, he was German, so yeah, you see my point.” He added, “But here’s the thing – with Hitler, he knew who his primary enemy was, it was the Jews. And he murdered other people too, there’s no arguing that, but it’s the intent that counts. And he was targeting Jews for reasons that are well known.”

“Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, that’s a whole other ball game,” Scarborough said. “She doesn’t care who she has to take down and who she’ll end up taking down eventually. That’s what makes her so dangerous and devastating for the American society. Because, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Jews, no, her target are Christians, and especially those who also happen to be Republicans. But, I guess it would be fairer to say she’s after all Christians regardless of their political affiliation – I mean, we wouldn’t want to be politically incorrect, right?” he said mockingly.

He argued, “Donald Trump is much safer for the American society in general than she is. And here’s why: he’s always on about deporting illegal immigrants and Mexicans and sometimes certain black people, like former president Obama. But that’s it – he’s already made up his mind on who he’s looking to eliminate and that’s it, he’s set his sights on his target. Then again, Clinton is just getting started. You never know with these liberals – they start off doing one thing and then they veer off into something you wouldn’t have thought they’d do in a million years. They’re too volatile, unpredictable, and that’s why I don’t think she’s good for this country.”

“Well, that and then there’s the fact that she’s a pathological liar, a corrupted excuse for a politician who’s willing to accept raghead oil money in order to represent their terrorist interests once she gets a hold of the White House,” he said. “And after she’s done demolishing everything Christians had worked so hard to build in this country, she’s going to switch over to Jews, and then Hindus and then Buddhists and so on until the only religion that’s left standing in America is Islam. But then it’ll be to late for me to tell you ‘I told you so.’ We need to stop that from happening, not sit idly by as it’s taking place, which is what we’re doing right now,” Scarborough concluded.