Pat Buchanan Wants Russia’s Putin for U.S. President

WASHINGTON – Conservative pundit Pat Buchanan believes the United States needs a third party for the future. His choice for leader?

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his December 17th syndicated column, Buchanan called Putin the “ideal Commander in Chief” to undo the damage wrought by “the militant secularism of a multicultural and transnational elite” led by President Barack Obama.

“In the culture war for mankind’s future,” Buchanan wrote of Putin, “is he one of us?”

“Not only is Putin one of us,” Buchanan claimed, “but he could also be the one to lead America out of its decrepit state of immorality.”

“President Reagan once called the old Soviet Empire ‘the focus of evil in the modern world,’” Buchanan wrote. “President Putin is implying that Barack Obama’s America may deserve the title in the 21st century.”

Buchanan went on to praise Putin as a fellow “paleoconservative” who could protect America from “the new immorality which has been imposed undemocratically.”

“Putin wouldn’t kowtow to a moderate political base like the contemporary GOP,” argued Buchanan, who added that Putin has all the prerequisites of an all-star Republican presidential candidate.

“He favors a balanced budget and believes in low taxes. He’s an anti-terrorist hero. Most importantly, he supports organized religion and opposes all forms of gayness.”

Earlier this year, Buchanan wrote another column that praised Putin for restoring his nation’s “moral compass” after the Russian leader signed laws banning so-called “gay propaganda.”

Of course, as Buchanan admitted, the laws of both Russia and the United States rule out even the most miniscule chance of a future U.S. President Putin, but Buchanan wrote that “the dream of a truly political, moral and cultural conservative leader is something for which America should strive.”

“Besides,” he concluded, “if a Kenyan can become President of the United States, then why not a Russian?”