Pat Robertson: “Black Families Had The Best Time Until Crazy Liberals Decided To Give Them Unnatural, Anti-Biblical Rights”

On a recent episode of “The 700 Club,” after telling Wellington Boone that Martin Luther King Jr. was helping Planned Parenthood commit black genocide, Pat Robertson insisted that black families were better off in the 1930s, decades before the Civil Rights Movement succeeded in changing discriminatory laws. Robertson also asked why black families have supposedly collapsed since the 1930s: “It used to be, like in the ’30s, that blacks were self-sustaining, they had wonderful families, they had homeownership, they were in business, what happened over those years?”

The televangelist then proceeded to answer his own question – something he has a habit of doing frequently – by saying that black families “had the best times until liberals gave them unnatural and anti-Biblical rights.” “I’ll tell you, it all started when slavery was abolished,” Robertson argued. “I don’t believe we could have done a worse thing for them, that’s when things really started moving in a downward spiral. And what was so terrible about it is that this grand illusion was created that things were finally going to get better for black people with no slavery. Boy, were we wrong.”

Asked to elaborate, the 700 Club host argued that African-Americans’ newfound freedom “nestled them into a false sense of importance,” which eventually gave way to “exaggeration in all matters pertaining to free will.” “It’s like if somebody were to tell you you were suddenly in charge of billions of dollars to do with them as you see fit, no strings attached,” he said. “The first order of business for anyone in that situation would likely be to start burning through the money buying things they don’t need. And that’s exactly what happened with free blacks.”

He continued, “Then came the whole voting rights conundrum. Giving black people voting rights is the same as giving the smallest fish in the pond some food simply because it has the ability to swim. Next thing you know, the smallest fish starts getting braver and braver, and pretty soon it starts fighting with the bigger, meaner fish for more food. And then it gets eaten. The point here is – take your food quietly and earn your keep. That’s pretty much what happened with black people and voting rights. The end result? Sure, they’re now at a point where they have one of their own as President of the United States, but that’s about to change. And what will happen to them after that? They’ll get eaten. See the parallel?

“And then you have the final step, which is allowing them to think they’re equal to every other citizen of this country,” Robertson added. “Just because you have a mouth doesn’t automatically mean everything you say by using it is going to be intelligent. The same goes for equality – even though you can have it theoretically, God doesn’t get it wrong. Your skin color is different for a reason; the Man Upstairs decided you should be different from the majority. Yet, most people spend most of their waking hours trying to look, sound and behave more and more like white people. So, in essence – they’re tampering with God’s divine plan.”