Pat Robertson: “Obama Tried To Destroy America, But God Stopped Him In Order To Do It Himself As Punishment For Obama”

Recently on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson blasted Barack Obama for securing an agreement with Iran over the country’s nuclear program, which Robertson claimed allowed “them to get technology which could be used to destroy America.” While Iran has been complying with the agreement, the televangelist suggested that it was actually part of an Obama plan to destroy our country: “What kind of weirdness was running this government of ours? Were they trying to destroy America? I mean, it looks like – if you set out a program of what you wanted to do to make America weak, America disabled, America deeply in debt and America crippled before its enemies, you couldn’t have been more successful than the program that was laid out by Obama over those eight years.”

He continued, “And sure enough, we went along with it like the obedient little lambs that we were, silent while being taken to the slaughter. The most interesting part to me personally was the fact that we couldn’t stop patting ourselves on the back the entire time. We kept persuading and telling ourselves that we were doing the right thing, that democracy was some kind of gift America was brought forth to establish among the nations of the world, and most of all, that we had God sitting on our shoulder while we were dishing out that democracy left and right. In reality, we really were like dumb sheep, being told we’re doing the right thing by a half-breed shepherd who was getting paid with Judas’ pieces of silver without us wanting to admit that to ourselves. And those of us that knew what was really going on kept getting marginalized and silenced for almost a decade.”

The televangelist also argued that the only reason why God had the “decency and common sense” to stop Obama’s plan to destroy the United States of America “was because he got so fed up with out self-induced importance that he wanted the pleasure of doing it himself.” “I think I’m not exaggerating when I say that we’re probably the only nation on God’s green earth that has made Him come down from heavens and institute revenge upon us as punishment for equating our own measly existence to that of His own,” Robertson said. “Think about it – I don’t care what your religion, skin color, or race is at the end of the day – if you call yourself an American, you probably hit rock bottom during those days. Actually, that was during the days when Barack Obama had the privilege of calling himself our commander-in-chief.”

“Luckily, those days are over. We now have a new man on the job; one that wouldn’t dream of equating any aspect of being American to it having divine properties. The only thing divine in being American is the fact that you’re able to rise so high above everyone else in your love for your country. Technology, riches, resources and culture aside, America must become a country that learns from its past mistakes. And I think putting Donald Trump in charge is the first step in that direction,” he concluded.