Pat Robertson: “Orlando Shooting Is God’s Punishment For SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Marriage Ruling”

Orlando, FL – Authorities in Florida said at a news conference Sunday morning that “as many as 20 people died” in a shooting at an Orlando nightclub. The gunman was killed. Orlando Police Chief John Mina said at least 42 people have been transported to area hospitals. Mina said officers were called to Pulse Orlando, a popular gay nightclub, at around 2 a.m. after reports of a shooting. He said officers engaged in a gun battle outside the club before the suspect went back into the building where more shots were fired. He said the gunman then took several hostages.

Pat Robertson, conservative televangelist who is no stranger to anti-gay remarks, was among the first to comment on the incident. Spotted at the scene of the event, Robertson made several interviews to reporters who were covering the story. Among other things, The 700 Club host told reporters he flew in via private jet from his home in Virginia immediately after hearing about what he referred to as “a justified terrorist attack.”

Several eyewitnesses claim Robertson was wearing slippers and a bathrobe while being interviewed, as well as that “he was difficult to recognize without makeup.” One eyewitness even stated, “If it wasn’t for the name on his golden bathrobe, I would have thought I was seeing a mummy giving out statements.”

“I don’t even need to tell you what all of this means,” Robertson said, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “This is how God is punishing us for the shameful SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, a catastrophic piece of legislature that I have so vigorously attempted to shoot down. I kept repeating it during every single episode of The 700 Club, but nobody wanted to believe poor, old Pat. Everybody thought me for a fool. Well, I hope this is a step in the right direction. I hope people will finally start to see the light after this,” a very distressed Robertson is credited as saying.

The televangelist added that “at least no or very few normal people were killed.” He also said, “When something like this happens, and I believe this was the first of many attacks, you start to realize how much real Americans care about their country and its future. Because, if you ask me, I totally get the guy who did this. I’m not defending him or anything, but I understand what drove him to such an act. This establishment was a lair of fornication and blasphemy, and if I’m honest, I think it’s a good thing it all happened here.”

“The fact that I’m here at the scene and that none of the Supreme Court Justices bothered to show up is proof enough of how little they care about what happens to the citizens of this country,” Robertson argued. “And that is why God will punish them for legitimizing sodomy, and reward me and others like me for condemning it. It has already started, tonight is proof enough of that. What other evidence do we need? God is angry and we are suffering the consequences. Well, some of us, at least.”

“Not only do I oppose the disease of homosexualism, I also eat healthy, drink protein shakes and workout every day, despite of my age. I can lift 1,000 pounds, for crying out lout. And above all else – I love women. And that is why God saw fit to allow me to have my own TV show, my own private jet, my own little empire. Because I believe in Him and because I live by His code. And to those who choose the dark path, God will continue to send once-normal people who have had enough, like he has done tonight. But it is not too late yet. Repent and change your evil ways, and He will forgive you,” Robertson urged yet again.

“Call it whatever you want, but what this man did tonight is justified, by all accounts and criteria upheld by normal people. And you can pretend that’s not the case, but, then you’ll be lying to yourself. And that’s a bad thing in the long run. Don’t end up like these homosexuals tonight. Change and you will survive,” he concluded.

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