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Pat Robertson Unveils Gay-Repelling Necklace

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Televangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson, 83, today interrupted a segment of his show dedicated to fielding audience questions to describe the method by which he has remained “straight and AIDS-free” throughout his long preaching career. Robertson—whose show reaches nearly 1 million viewers a day—said that, since 1969, he’s been wearing an “anti-sodomite” necklace, which, according to Robertson, “repels homosexuals and other queers, and keeps [him] free of their abhorrent lifestyles and gay diseases.”

“With all the gayness poisoning our great nation these days, you might think it’s only by God’s grace that I have managed to remain straight and healthy through it all,” Robertson told his viewers. “But, for once, this was no miracle—I have only my gay-repelling necklace to thank, which has kept all sexual degenerates at least 20 feet away from me for the last 44 years, ever since the stonewall riots convinced me the gays were coming for my heterosexuality.”

Robertson neglected to fully explain the necklace’s powers, revealing only that “it involves hyper-masculine materials, such as moose semen and barbed wire,” but said that he is finally ready to share it with the world. “For only ten easy payments of $59.99, you too can protect yourself from fancy-boy, disease spreading homosexuals,” Robertson said. 700 Club producers expect sales of the necklace to generate substantial funds for the show, which netted over $400 million in donations in 2005 alone.

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Robertson’s unveiling came as a response to inquiries concerning comments he made on his show earlier this week. On Tuesday, Robertson used a portion of his show to claim that American homosexuals in cities like San Francisco are intentionally spreading AIDS via “specials rings” that “cut your finger” during handshakes and thereby infect you with the deadly HIV virus. “Really,” the host said. “It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.”

“Lots of people wrote in to ask how they can protect themselves from these queer, ring-toting murderers,” Robertson said Thursday. “Well, that made me realize I had to come clean about my anti-gay necklace. It’s time for the world to know.”



  1. Unreal that this man is still on the airways taking peoples money and sharing his hate across this nation. I will never understand why the network keeps him on. As far as his “anti gay necklace” goes……that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There isnt a gay person I know who wants to be around him. So I would say the necklace doesn’t work. Im a Christian and God has been so good and blessed me. I would love to be in heaven when Pat stands before God. That will be interesting.

  2. This man is seriously short on intelligence and long on senility. I read this to my daughter and she told me to stop because it was making her brain hurt to know that there are really people like this out there. I’m showing her it is imperative for her to register to vote. Pat Robertson seems to be her kryptonite! I think I’ve got her convinced that it is her social and civil duty to ensure people like this nut-job and his ilk never hold office in this country again.

  3. Well what can one say other than shall we pray for you sir? I am in total shock! I think maybe you need to ask yourself what are you doing? Really? Of all the things you have said now a necklace to keep the gays away. Sir, if you have forgot they are humans, not zombies. As the bible says We are to love our neighbor. To pray for one another it is not our place to condemn

  4. I am not convinced this is true . I watch his show everyday and I have never seen this. The pictur you have of him is not from today’s show. Why just a still picture? Why don’t you show the video clip; that is what I want to see. I give to his Operation Blessing because only between 0 and 3 % of my donation goes to administrative costs; and they do so much good in this country and around the worls. Please report responsibly; give me the facts and back it up

  5. DEAR FOLKS I must apologize on behalf of all real christians for this man’s crazy out of line behavior. I can’t say that he is going to hell, but I will question his motivate on why he is doing this. This is not God, God does not make “Gay-Repelling Necklace” nor does God agree with Pat Robertson hate of homosexuals. God loves his creation, God hates all sin. This man is wrong, and I am sorry that he is portraying Jesus like this. Jesus is love, and I am so sorry. Pay no mind to this man, he has given his self authority, no authority comes from God to do what he is doing. Please 4-give him, he does not know what he does.

  6. I think we can also say it’s his lack of good looks that have kept him ‘gay and aids free’ for all these years. Bless his little heart, if he wants to think a necklace repels us then let him personally this old fool couldn’t get a date in a brothel.

  7. Describing the method by which he has remained “straight and AIDS-free” throughout his long preaching career Robertson said that,”…since 1969, he’s been wearing an “anti-sodomite” necklace, which, according to Robertson, “repels homosexuals and other queers, and keeps [him] free of their abhorrent lifestyles and gay diseases.”.

    OMG…this flake has been harboring kryptonite against gays and lesbians since 1969 and has never revealed that he had these superpowers until now. I mean he could have made a “Killing for Christ” if he had had the marketing sense to have partnered with, say, Chic-Fil-A to include this little power gem within every purchase of a Chic-Filet-A “Hate Meal”.

    But, seriously, I have to wonder….what would actually happen to old reliable Pat if his lucky charm became lost or stolen. Would we be prepared to handle the instant transformation and coming out of his long time pent up and repressed self?

    Thankfully, if he should ever lose it there are plenty of cheap trinkets from China that may fool him into keeping the real Pat Robertson repressed until he expires.

  8. Seriously? Whats with these tv evangilists. That necklace crap sounds like the scam Ive gltgen three times about $10,000.00 grant I dont have to repay from the Federal Reserve. I just need to make a small donation to their charity to release the check. Unbelieveable. Pat, you need to retire and actually read the Bible.

  9. Are you kidding me? Gays are all Borgia-type ring wearing murderers? A $600 necklace keeps your heterosexuality in check? Do you need a necklace to stay straight? I don’t have one and I’ve managed not to go gay; it really wasn’t much of a battle, either. Anybody who fears that gays are coming after their heterosexuality has got to be a) a latent homosexual and b) guano psychotic!

  10. So…lets get this right…he is gay and aids free due to a pagan totem? and how about other sexual deviance, i.e. womanizing, etc. Is that okay, oh yeah I remember, any straying on a man’s part is his wife’s fault. How can this man be taken seriously? He is a JOKE. a scary joke that all Christians should be running from.

  11. The gays were coming for his heterosexuality? hahahahaha OMFG I haven’t heard something so funny in a long time! So if he took it off, he would be bombarded by gay males like crazy…in other words this guy is a gay magnet safe only but a gay repelling necklace!

  12. There should be rules about allowing extreme stupidity on television….seriously people how the hell can a person say ignorant bull shit like this and not be taken off the broadcasting wave for being a complete moron to the point where I question if this guy is even of this planet or dimension…

  13. Since being a homosexual is a choice why does Pat Robertson need a necklace to keep gays at bay? Who would want him anyway? moose semen and barbed wire REALLY? I am sorry but as a card carrying gay man I could not stop laughing about the semen and barbed wire then charging followers $600.00 to fuel his money pot is ridiculous and a travesty to legitimate Christians in the world.

  14. You know, I am proud to be a Christian. I am not embarrassed by that fact. I refuse to hide it. But every now and then, someone like this clown does something like this. Jesus said that his people will “be a peculiar people”. But I think that in this case the phrase, “a short bus people” would be far more appropriate.


  16. Why do extreme evangelicals think that the gays are going to take over the world? If someone knows their straight their straight…you dont need anything to repel it especially Pat Robertson. If gays as a whole could make someone gay it would be Channing Tatum or Keanu Reeves definitely not Pat Robertson…

  17. Ten easy payments of $59.99….WOW that is some huge bank that he can now spend on paying all his male escorts…maybe that special rusty barbed wire is what he uses as a cock ring because he is always so angry and in distress and moose semen is what he cleans it with.

  18. Well it goes to show you that religion always has a price attached to it. To protect me from Homophobia I use common sense and intelligence. It’s free, except if your homophobic or a religious idiot then I’ll see you a dildo that will protect you for 5 payments of $99.

  19. You have got to be kidding me.. you call yourself a Christian and you are sitting here judging these people and scamming others selling this ridiculous $600 necklace. If you know your scripture you know no sin is worse than the next and judging is a sin… Therefore you my friend are no better than they are in the Lord’s eyes. I respected you until this. Wow… love thy neighbor ALL of them!

  20. I just think it’s awesome that this necklace is apparently the only thing that has kept him from taking a shot in the mouth. Here’s the deal: If you spend your whole life believing and convincing other people there is an invisible man in the sky who tells you what to do, and grants you superpowers, then how far of a leap is it to think moose semen and barbed wire can keep you from being a backdoor ninja? A man who thinks that wearing semen helps make you not gay. If that were true there wouldnt be any gay guys would there?

  21. This man is an idiot. First off to flatter himself that any decent respectful Gay Man would even want to touch that wretched body is beyond me. Lord knows he has no balls because he hides behind his version of the Bible on every statement and IF he uses the King James version of the Bible he is following the beliefs of a Male Chauvanist Pig that had only two purposes for women and that was to bare children preferably sons and to take care of the needs of a man. AND I find it disgusting that he makes such remarks as to the spread of HIV /AIDS that are totally off the chart. IF you dont know the facts as to the spread of say HIV then keep your mouth shut. You only amplify fear where there is no need for fear to be experienced. I am a 64 year old Gay Man. I am also HIV+ and a long term survior of 25+ years. So I guess God is in no hurry to get rid of this Gay Man if he has let me live over 25 years with a diagnosis of HIV and by the way I am totally healthy have been undetectable in the virus load of HIV for over 15 years. So I guess this is one Gay Man that lives in God’s light. Pat Roberson’s version of HIV transmission could not be any further from the truth than a gay Man wanting to take Pat Robertson on sexually. Moose urine EWWWW..a bad/cheap cologne would have done it just as well…IGNORANT and peole pay him money to hear him spew his venom..

  22. sat·ire
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
    synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More
    a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.
    plural noun: satires
    “a stinging satire on American politics”
    synonyms: parody, burlesque, caricature, lampoon, skit; More
    a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.

  23. Lets have a little fun. Someone date the original necklace he claims to be wearing at all times. When was it first produced and by who? Finding the creator of the piece that all of these sale items will have been crafted after (if it exists) will easily debunk his story.

    This ingredient wards off or should I say prevents you from being or turning gay.
    Sounds like Witch Craft to me!
    Whatever happen to good old southern down home preachin??? Talking about how Heaven is real, and how He’ll and Hade are real an preaching on Sodom and Ghomorrah????

  25. Stupidassclown! Stupid is as Sarah Palin says! “The Toad” doesn’t know where his “roots” are from…. go back! Go Back! Fool! Always knew those drugs rotted his “brain!” Go Back Pale-face to wherever your elk crawled from back there somewhere before….Europe or Africa! Chuck a spear, fool! Dang! Just His appearance gives that away! Just how low, slimy low has FAUX NUZZ dropped? Yeah! another fine example of FAUX NUZZ crud! That is a “brain” on drugs or still working off the effects from heavy use! Did the “catass scratch fool” really say that on FAUX NUZZ, or was he taken out of the context even on Ol’Rupp’s organ? Sarah Palin isn’t American either! That neo-European slav there!

  26. Once again, he shown the purpose of his religion; to make MONEY! That is all he is interested in. He could care less if the world goes up flames as long as he gets his cash first.
    No self respecting gay person would go near him and take a chance that his hateful intolerance would rub off on them.

  27. Ummm? Does this talisman of his not equate to sorcery? I read somewhere in the Bible that such things require a stoning. The best thing about a stoning is that you don’t need to be close to him to do it! Rendering his foul Barbwire/Moose Semen Horcrux + 3 against homo’s useless.

  28. JUST ENOUGH NEWS…Newslo is the first hybrid News/Satire platform on the web. Readers come to us for a unique brand of entertainment and information that is enhanced by features like our fact-button, which allows readers to find what is fact and what is satire.
    Newslo’s “No Need to Satirize” brings you completely factual stories that are so ridiculous, they don’t need our trademark touch. Whenever you see #NNTS, you’re reading COMPLETELY real news that only seems too absurd to be true.

  29. Pat Robertson I have been a loyal watcher of the 700 club for the past 5 years. now that I know that you could have chase the gays out of America and essentially saved us from the homosexual infestation of AIDS since 69 and didn’t. I will never watch your show again.

  30. So, you old fart, Patricio Robertson, you are still the most atrocious so called Christian pastor to your sheep; that you are still uttering lies and unreasonable statements; So much so, that once you said: ‘Many of those people involved with Hitler were Satanists, and many were homosexuals?” But you conveniently forgot that Hitler himself was first catholic? And that he actually launched his persecution of the Jews, in the name of the Christian/catholic bible? You hypocrite. You old fool. I think is time for you to return to become the virus and matter that you were before beautiful life began in the primordial soup of the ancient hot seas.

  31. What STRAIGHT AND AIDS FREE ….there are more straight people walking around with the aids virus than gays…by the way is GAYNESS even a real word..seriously it takes a talisman around his neck to stop him from thinking about becoming gay..wth and if he really read the bible one should not worship an idol but the word of God …I could be the nurse that saves his life one day ,maybe even mouth to mouth cpr, but I’m gay so that talisman might just keep me at least 10 feet from him…. lol

  32. What I want to know is why does this guy need a necklace to remain hetro ?
    I mean even if his morbidly insane idea about these rings were true, all it could do is perhaps give you aids ( and yeah I know, it probably wouldnt, Im just making an example here) , nothing can MAKE you gay unless you’re leaning that way yourself. I think the fact that he needs an outside influence to keep him from ” being gay” speaks volumes. I have no doubt at all a younger Pat Robertson would have been spying on the boys locker room instead of the girls.

  33. And his hateful snide anti anyone but himself attitude has had NOTHING to do with people not coming “within 20 feet of him? Yeah. Sure. If that necklace is something he believes in the. He believes in magic and that according to the far right is blasphemis in itself. Hypocrites gonna hate.

  34. This article is so UNTRUE that it’s almost funny! Pat Robertson is a true servant of God with much integrity, and would NEVER say such a ridiculous thing. Amazing the length people will go to discredit Christians because of their own SICK thinking! It’s simply too sad…

  35. Oh, so anybody not wearing his anti-queer necklace might be subject to becoming queer? or might succumb to allowing a queer to take him to bed? That finally explains how there are so few queers running around…All the heterosexual Christians wearing those necklaces don’t switch…. hmmmm.

  36. If homosexuals were killers we’d all be in jail…or we’d have been sentenced to death row. So you’re calling teens who come to realize they are homosexuals killers? How can we be killers if we never killed anyone to begin with. I don’t know about other homosexuals but I’m a homosexual and I’ve never killed.

  37. Interesting because I literally just created an uber Gay rainbow-colored rubber cock ring scented with lots of peacock semen and wrapped in silk that’s *****GUARANTEED***** to repel closeted old men and preachers. For only ONE payment of $9.99 plus S&H, you can be wearing yours freely and openly in no time!

    Walking by a church and see priests talking?
    They run away like vampires from garlic!

    Got a old fundaMENTAList man who’s preaching at the bus stop?
    Just whip it out and watch him run away screaming like a big nelly!

    Order now within the next 10 seconds and for only $100, we’ll throw in a ring filled with real bullshit that’s *****GUARANTEED***** to jolt their brain and make them realize their stupidity when you shake their hand or pat them on the back with it. The needle on the end is so fine that they won’t realize they were pricked by a home-o-sec-shoo-al!

    Please, help me sell these as the world needs to know how to protect themselves from the incredible tyranny and ignorance of the judgMENTALly self-righteous!!!


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