Pat Robertson Warns Parents: “Goth Children Will Get Punished For Their Sins And Reincarnated As African Americans”

Recently on “The 700 Club,” a viewer asked host Pat Robertson how she should approach her teenage daughter who likes “dark’ things” like “horror movies” and “black lipstick and clothing.” “I fear that demons are working on her,” she added. Robertson responded that her daughter is being influenced by goth culture and recommended that she pray and “bind the spirits” that have taken her daughter captive. “She’s dressing goth and it’s a whole fashion thing,” he said. “This is demonic and she needs to be delivered. You’re not going to talk her out of it, you’ve got to pray her out of it.”

“I fear for her, Madam, I fear for her deeply,” Robertson told the caller, who was already obviously very concerned about her daughter’s phase. “And the reason why I’m telling you this, I’m not trying to scare you, I really am not, but I think it’s part of my job here to not lie to people and to tell them the truth no matter what. I think your daughter is already half way into Hell, madam, I’ve seen this sort of thing before. This entire goth thing, the culture of it, which by the way, is a completely wrong term to describe it. It would be far more appropriate to refer to it as a sect, a cult, even a plague rather than a mere culture. But it is something very sinister and very evil, created by the Devil himself as a way of attracting young, innocent souls, the likes of your daughter and millions of other hopeless and lonely children throughout the world.”

He continued, “Because, I don’t know if you know this, but to be a part of that sect, to be called goth, is nothing short of worshipping the Devil in an open and completely public way. In case you have any doubts about what I’m telling you, you’d be wise to just take one look at the way those kids dress and look. They dye their hair black, they wear nothing but black clothes, they also have various necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry that resembles pentagrams and other occult symbols. I’m not even going to get into the tattoos. Every single thing about goth people suggests that they’re advocating and actively working towards the Devil coming to this Earth. And I’ve got news for you: unless you were just dropped on this planet and have no idea what’s going on – that’s a big no-no.”

“The color black is the symbol of the Devil,” Robertson also warned parents. “It’s not red, as we were led to believe. And here’s another proof: the Devil has even gone so far as to establish an entire race of his followers and worshippers and he has given them a unique way of recognizing each other among normal people. He has etched the color black onto their skin, and so today they are able to walk among us and pretend they are like us, when in fact, black people are nothing more than worshippers of Lucifer. Sure enough, we came up with a politically correct name for them; we call them African Americans. But, that doesn’t change what they truly are.”

“And so I say to you, madam, make no mistake: should your daughter continue to follow the path she’s on right now, she will be punished for her demonic sins and will die and burn in the fires of Hell. But the Devil won’t be through with her then and there. No, he’ll make sure she’s reincarnated, only next time he brings her back, she’ll be African American. All goth children who don’t change before it’s too late get punished and then reincarnated as black people. So, you’d better get to work on those prayers, madam. You might even want to consider an exorcism or two. Who knows – it probably wouldn’t hurt to try. At this point, anything goes,” the televangelist concluded.