Pat Robertson’s ‘The Nazi Club’ Gets Green Light From FOX

NEW YORK – Fox News has reportedly green lit a new primetime program featuring  Christian televangelist Pat Robertson tentatively titled “The Nazi Club.”

Robertson is famous for his long running religious program on CBN, “The 700 Club,” where he tells viewers that a vengeful god introduces calamity into the world largely due to the presence of homosexuality within it.

Fox News senior vice president Sharri Berg said, “’The 700 Club’ is so popular, we thought our viewers would enjoy seeing Robertson alotted the time to discuss other issues important to Christians in America. Namely, who is and who is not a Nazi.”

The decision was reached to green light the project after a recent episode of “The 700 Club,” during which Robertson was forced to stray from his usual narrative. The perceived need to talk about the Boston Marathon bombings left Robertson unable to fill the program with his usual schedule of hatefully blaming “the gays” for everything that is wrong in the world.

During the episode, Robertson informed viewers that all Muslims should be combated as though they were Nazis, a statement that echoed a similar instance over a decade ago in which Robertson said that “Muslims are worse than Nazis.”

“God called me the night before,” Robertson explained, “and said, ‘Hey Pat, how have you been?’ ‘I’m alright,’” the televangelist said. “‘A little bummed out because all Muslims are Nazis.’ So I really needed to fit that into this episode, even if Nazis weren’t necessarily gay.”

He added, “God did mention he made Nazis as punishment for ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.’ Being omniscient, he knew it was coming down the pipe in about 65 years. God’s super on top of this kind of thing.”

Robertson used that transition to talk about an NBA center, Jason Collins, who recently announced in Sports Illustrated that he is gay. “Somehow we’ve said if it’s heterosexual fornication, it’s bad. If it’s homosexual fornication, that used to be called an abomination in the Bible, now it’s a protected civil right.”

Robertson, continued, “There isn’t anything bigoted about that.”

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