Patriot Act Supporter Upset Over Privacy Being Violated

WASHINGTON – Demanding a thorough investigation, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is furious that a private strategy session was recorded by unknown individuals—not unlike how unknown individuals with the FBI can legally wiretap American citizens because of the websites they visit. The meeting focused on the prospect that actress Ashley Judd might run for McConnell’s Senate seat.

“This is what you get from the political left in America,” said the man who supported the Patriot Act, which allows authorities to spy on an person or place without disclosing who or what they are going to monitor

“Much like Nixon in Watergate, that is what the political left does these days,” added the senator who also supports intelligence agencies being able to retrieve the financial and communication records of people not suspected of breaking the law.

Louisville NPR affiliate station WFPL reported on Thursday that founders of the liberal super PAC Progress Kentucky were responsible for taping the meeting of the elected official who upheld legislation that gives the government easier access to personal voicemails. The recording of the strategy session was subsequently sent to the magazine Mother Jones.

In a 2007 op-ed titled “Patriot Games,” McConnell pointed out that there has not been “a single successful attack on U.S. soil since the morning we awoke to the danger and acted on it in our laws.” Likewise, there has not been a single successful attack on the U.S. since political figures have had their fundraising events and meetings unknowingly recorded.