Paul Nehlen Suggests “Considering Deporting Gay People To Europe”

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan is up for reelection and his campaign to retake his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives has become an unexpected battle ground in what NBC News called a proxy war between the Republican party establishment and its presidential nominee, Donald Trump. The controversy has highlighted Ryan’s opponent, Paul Nehlen, who was up till now a little-known businessman now tangling with the current Speaker of the House. Recently Nehlen was interviewed by Chicago’s Morning Answer and he reiterated Trump’s call for barring Muslims from entering the country and also deporting U.S. citizens who are Muslim.

What was not surprising at all was the fact that Nehlen also had a couple more bright ideas, one of which was the collective deportation of all gay people in America overseas to Europe. “Most people today aren’t aware of the fact that Muslims and gay people are two sides of the same sword, two plagues that we must rid ourselves of,” he said. “Muslims aim to convert this country to the new Mecca by emigrating here under the false pretense of running away from war. On the other hand, gay people threaten to destroy this country’s youth by converting our children into abominations, thereby decimating the birth of new babies, Christian babies. It’s as if the two are working together,” he said.

“That’s exactly why we can’t stop after we deport Muslims,” he continued. “If that should prove to be a viable long-term strategy, we must also consider using it to fix the gay problem. After all, we’re the leaders of the free world, not some terrorist organization. Our goal isn’t to murder all those people; we just want to get rid of them by making them somebody else’s problem. At the end of the day, they’ll have much more fun in Europe. Americans always whine about wanting to see the Old World, going to Italy, France, Germany and all those countries. This could be the perfect opportunity to make their wishes come true, at least for a small, sick portion of them.”

Asked to elaborate on how the logistics of it would work, Nehlen argued that “since we’re the ones initiating the idea, I think it’s only fair that we be the ones who deal with the transport and lodging for all gay people involved.” He then said that that only applies to gay people, not Muslims. “Mind you, I’m talking about relocating gay people right now, not Muslims. Muslims came here of their own, free will, nobody made them. That’s why it’s only fair that they arrange transportation on their own. Gay people, on the other hand, are American citizens, whether we like it or not. Therefore, it is our duty to send them off in style and with the dignity they deserve as Americans,” he said.

“I even think Donald Trump would be willing to fund a part of such a massive undertaking. The other part would have to be figured out somehow, but it’s a start. And that just goes to show what kind of a man Donald Trump really is. He offered to help out even though he doesn’t have to. And I’ll tell you another thing – if China would be willing to take some of our gays in, I think Mr. Trump would gladly fund the entire project. That’s how much he cares about American jobs and wants to bring them back to where they belong,” Nehlen concluded.