Pat Robertson: “Nothing In The Bible Says Pedophilia Is Against The Bible”

Recently on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson once again tackled the issue of polygamy, declaring that instances of polygamy in the Bible may have been justifiable in certain historical contexts. The televangelist explained that “God didn’t change his mind” about polygamy, but that men were allowed to marry more than one woman in parts of the Bible because “a man can take care of several wives whereas one wife can’t take care of several husbands.” Robertson, who attacked same-sex marriage as unbiblical because marriage is exclusively a union between one man and one woman, then said that he didn’t know of “anything in the Bible that indicates that polygamy, as such, is against the Bible.”

“I am not about to go into the biological justification of polygamy, but it’s important to keep in mind that nature doesn’t get it wrong too often, and some would even say at all,” he argued. “If at a certain period of time there happen to be more women than men at a certain location or area, it is perfectly normal to indulge in polygamy because Mother Nature intended it to be so. Regardless of the fact that we humans always seek to justify the actions of nature according to our own so-called morals and ethics, the simple fact is that nature is not bound by such restrictive rules. On the contrary – it knows what needs to be done from a purely biological standpoint regardless of our primitive acceptance or denial of such acts.”

He continued, “The Bible is a perfect example of that in that it very clearly prohibits certain actions and practices. Therefore, it would be logical to conclude that whatever it doesn’t explicitly forbid is perfectly allowed for us to do. So, like I said, there’s nothing in the Bible about polygamy; that must mean that God approves of it, albeit, under certain conditions. However, what’s even more interesting is the fact that there’s also nothing in the Bible about pedophilia. Or, if we’re being honest, the love between an older and a much youger person that we’ve so judgingly named pedophilia and have labeled it a bad thing. Again, if nature didn’t want to allow young girls to be able to enjoy relationships with older men, it wouldn’t have made them sexually mature at a very young age.”

“Now, I know how all this sounds. It’s probably like a demon is speaking these words through me, I get that. But, this is nothing new, folks. I’m not reciting something that I think; I’m merely repeating something that’s been written thousands of years ago. Perhaps we have only now matured and evolved enough to be able to comprehend everything that’s written in the Bible in the correct way. Unfortunately, since we don’t have the luxury of a cheat sheet for the Holy Scriptures, we can’t know which way of interpreting it is correct from the first go. Hence, we’re left with the old trial-and-error approach, which is bound to lead us astray at times. Nevertheless, it is our duty to be diligent and explore every single possibility until we feel we’ve nailed it. Right now, the time has come for us to accept polygamy and pedophilia as normal, natural occurrences regardless of how disgusting they may appear to be at first,” he concluded.