Rafael Cruz: “God Changed His Mind About Pedophilia Now That Gays Like It “

Rafael Cruz, like his son, GOP presidential candidate Ted, is no stranger to harsh anti-gay politics, which was on display when he spoke recently at the World Congress of Families, an event bringing together anti-LGBT activists from across the globe. During the summit, the elder Cruz said that the next issue that the LGBT community is “going to push is to try to legalize pedophilia.”

The Texas senator’s campaign has made no bones about using his father as a campaign surrogate, and at one point an aide for the younger Cruz was in charge of booking Rafael’s appearances. Rafael also went on to say that “God actually allows pedophilia, and says so in the Bible,” but now that “the LGBT community has grown fond of it” to the point where they want to make it legal like gay marriage, “God has changed his mind.”

“God does work in mysterious ways,” Cruz told media outlets following the summit. “Here you have that pedophilia, a disease and form of deviant behavior by today’s standards, was actually perfectly fine and widely accepted in Biblical times. I will not go into the how and why, but apparently, it was meant to help humans procreate, as younger girls and women were healthier and more resilient to diseases.”

“So, in a sense, pedophilia can be said to have been in the service of preserving the human race, and in that respect, it was generally accepted and justified. Today, however, when the human race is not in danger of extinction, such behavior is classified as deviant and is punishable by law. But, now you also have gays who, though sodomites in their own right, have also adopted this practice and plan on making it legal once again, just like it was in the Bible. What we have today, ladies and gentlemen, is gays trying to turn everything that the Bible and Christianity stand for upside down. And I, for one, will not tolerate that,” Cruz argued.

He added: “If God ever truly approved and endorsed the act, he likely did it because of its greater function and not the heinous act itself. However, that’s another thing gays are trying to turn upside down today. They are focusing on the sinful act rather than on what it used to stand for, and because of that, God has changed His mind and has condemned gays and lesbians to burn in hell for all eternity.”