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Pelosi Almost Cries During Netanyahu Speech: “Jews Are Traditionally Incompetent, Maybe They Should Stop Trying”

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) released a statement shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his speech before Congress on Tuesday. Pelosi declared in her statement she was brought to “near tears” because of how deeply the speech had “saddened” her. She said the Israeli leader’s words were “emotionally charged” and made her reconsider everything that history has taught her.

“In the speech, Netanyahu expressed staunch opposition to the still-unannounced deal the US is helping to broker with Iran that aims to draw back the Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Netanyahu argued the “bad deal” would lead to Iran getting a nuclear weapon, which he said would threaten the existence of Israel.

“Netanyahu said: “If Iran threatens to walk away from the table – and this often happens in a Persian bazaar – call their bluff. They’ll be back, because they need the deal a lot more than you do. And by maintaining pressure on Iran and on those who do business with Iran, you have the power to make them need it even more.”

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Initially, “Pelosi stressed that she agreed with Netanyahu on the importance of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. Her statement continued: “Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated something we all agree upon: a nuclear armed Iran is unacceptable to both our countries. We have all said that a bad deal is worse than no deal, and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons is the bedrock of our foreign policy and national security.”

However, speaking exclusively to Newslo, Pelosi admitted that her emotions were, in fact, “severely off-balance during the Israeli Prime Minister’s address.

“I’ve been a politician for a long time now and I’ve learned quite a few tricks of the trade, but I’ve never fully mastered keeping my heart in-check during certain times. To be honest, while listening to Netanyahu, I felt both inspired and devastated. It was truly moving to see that the Israeli have not yet given up hope of survival, not even after so many centuries of persecution and deaths. However, I also felt really bad having seen that they actually believe they will make it through. Unfortunately for them, Obama has already set the pieces in motion that will allow Iran to get what it wants, and when that happens…well, you get the picture. I both admire and feel incredibly sorry for Israel. Hopefully, they’ll get to enjoy what little time they have left,” said Pelosi, with a sad look on her face.


  1. What is the purpose of a disgusting piece of satire such as this? We already know what kind of plans Obama and that head-up-his-ass Pelosi have for Israel. Is this piece supposed to ridicule supporters of Israel or supporters of Obama? And if this piece isn’t satire, then let’s pray that both this bitch and her boss receive a very early demise.

  2. ” what little time they have left! ” is a statement which would normally be spoken by an enemy !! If this woman is an American inferring that there will be a premature annihilation of Israel , THE AMERICAN ‘ S STAUNCH ALLY ! Then why isn’t she saying Americans ” will support their Ally through thick & thin ?? ” Otherwise All Allies of the USA MUST RECONSIDER their positions!! America will only be there for them, if it suits their President & his Muslim administration

  3. what does she mean by the little time they(israel) have left? does this mean that oh bummer, or is it now oh bomber,? is telling us that he is giving iran his permission to wipe out israel. to create another holocaust only faster. no problem for him. he will be playing golf, visiting starlets in bathtubs and g d knows what else. it wasn’t my fault. it was iran. so don’t blame ME. if this was not a public site, i would use expletives. consider them said.

  4. Has Nancy Pelosi compromised her legacy as the armored, Shattering the Marble Ceiling Speaker? Has she enhanced her image (previous to Netanyahu’s speech) as of late, supplementing her legacy with a more familial, apple pie, Party pleasing persona? Or was she just using the limelight for “touch up” time? With the up and coming generations of Pelosis who might want a better crack at a candidacy for a senate seat or in a presidential race-this was another chance to reach out to a domestic constituency- and even to the international citizenry with the hopes that she would validate their “posturing” (and not hers or Americans’)?
    Incongruities persist related to Pelosi weeping contemptuously (publically), casting shadows of doubt regarding the credibility of Pelosi’s own moral compass. Americans have to remember the high ground she tried to take regarding her penchant for her incessant use of Air Force 1- a somewhat costly habit- along with other bigger, more expensive forms of air transportation. And she wanted an entourage including family members (for free). Surely government agencies have documented when Pelosi actually went coach, but even Democrats were put off by the frequency, extravagant costs, insistence, and somewhat implausible rationale related to her demands for expensive, private air carriers. Finally, when the public got wind of Pelosi’s expensive predilections, someone stepped in to facilitate “interventions” lest the Democratic Party suffer from fall out related to a potential “Air-Gate” budget scandal.
    We can then extrapolate on Pelosi’s nonchalance about spending Americans’ tax dollars and whether she is able to prioritize Americans’ safety, security, and way of life in light of her own performance. Given the time, on a scale of 1 to 5, to index of how manufactured Pelosi projected her outrage, the general public might judge.
    Netanyahu, the leader of Israel, the only country that realizes democracy in the Middle East, had the guts to address a nation that is currently suffering from anti-Jewish trends. Concurrently, Netanyahu understood he was speaking to an entire global village: seeking not only to save Israel, but to thank Americans for their support, and to inform the USA of an Iranian threat that is not merely an anti-Jewish threat-Iran is a global threat. Nancy Pelosi might weep- and grimace-but this only made the viewer’s wonder-had she momentarily faltered and tripped into a silver screen?

  5. How did a clueless Pelosi ever become House Speaker? Was she a token woman? If so, the males who elected her are receiving punishment for their stupidity. Probably many other men or women in House would have been more devoted to professionalism and mature representation of America to its citizens and to the world

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