Pence: “Women Have No Right To Interrupt God’s Plans Just Because He’s Using Their Bodies For Them”

Simply because Pence is pro-life and opposes killing unborn children in abortions, Planned Parenthood is out with a fundraising email to its supporters alerting them to who it calls the “Real Mike Pence.” They’re claiming that Pence is radical and extreme simply because he takes a pro-life position. Pence is known as a pro-life governor of Indiana and was hailed by pro-life groups for recently signing a bill to ban abortions targeting babies with Down syndrome. That makes Indiana the second state in the nation, following North Dakota, to take such drastic measures.

Trump’s running mate was recently interviewed by Fox News and asked to comment on the controversial bill. He argued that God “undoubtedly has a plan for every single child that is conceived,” but that “mothers-to-be tend to foil that plan because they somehow believe they are in control of their own bodies.” He also had the audacity to claim that unborn children “belong to God” and that that’s why they must not be “tampered with in any way” until they are born into this world.

“I’m really not going to go into the whole theology-meets-science conundrum right now, but I will say that it’s my personal position as the governor of Indiana, a Republican and a pro-life supporter that I should do everything in my power to make sure only the laws that serve the greater good are the ones being enforced,” Pence said. “And I sincerely believe that abortions in general, and especially ones that target babies with Down syndrome, don’t serve any good whatsoever. They serve murder, they serve sin, and they serve a whole plethora of wrong things, but the greater good is not one of them.”

“And when the time came to use the power vested in me by the law, I did so by signing the bill that aims to protect unborn life, regardless of the prognosis. Because, just like we aim to eradicate racial, religious, gender, ethnic, financial and every other kind of discrimination out there that plagues our society, so too must we eradicate abortional discrimination,” the governor of Indiana said. “And the reason I’m saying this is, you think women would have abortions if they were to find out somehow, by some miracle, that their unborn babies would grow up to be successful, famous and wealthy? Of course not – they would have those babies in a heartbeat.”

He added, “But when it comes to babies with Down syndrome, that’s different. Those kids are a burden, a liability, so nobody wants them. And that’s the definition of abortional discrimination right there.” Pence even opined, “And you know what pains me the most? It’s that even mothers who don’t want to have kids in the first place – I’m talking about women who dislike all children for some reason – even they’d likely change their mind about having a baby if they thought there was some way to profit from them. For example, if there was a black market for babies with Down syndrome. Women would be popping them out at the same rate the Japanese build a car, probably like, one every 23 seconds or something. And that’s just horrible, it’s despicable.”

“So, what I’m saying here is, God has a plan even for babies with Down syndrome. And no living man can ever know the depths of God, but there’s definitely a plan, just like there’s a plan for everything. And that’s why women have no right to interrupt His plans just because they happen to be part of their own bodies. It’s being done even as we speak, but it will stop. I promise you that. And the bill I signed back in March is just a step in the right direction. And that direction is one where all abortions are banned in the entire country and no innocent babies, healthy or otherwise, are murdered in cold blood,” Pence concluded.