Phyllis Schlafly Calls To Revert Baseball To 1944-Level: “No Blacks, American Players Are Better”

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly wants to return to baseball’s good old days – which she pinpoints as 1944 – and ban foreign-born players from playing professionally in the U.S. The 91-year-old author and retired attorney established her baseball bona fides by recalling when she attended the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Browns during the second-to-last year of World War II, when many of the best players were serving overseas and three years before Jackie Robinson broke the color line. “The best baseball players today are American-born,” Schlafly said.

She also added that what is perhaps “even more worrisome” is the fact that a large percentage of players in the Major League, in addition to being foreign-born, also happen to be “members of other races, predominantly black people.” “At the risk of sounding racist, I am going to go ahead and say that that is bad for the sport. I am no expert, but as a baseball fan and a woman, I can tell you that I prefer to see white American men in their prime playing our national pastime than a bunch of African Americans with oversized behinds running around like a bunch of baboons,” she colorfully added.

“It hurts me to see that more and more Japanese, Mexicans and especially black people are taking up the spots that should be filled by Americans. And one look at the situation in our society today is enough to realize that I’m right. We have white kids who are quitting school, quitting college and who are deciding to ruin the rest of their lives because they don’t see a future in their own country. And the reason why they don’t see a future is because all the good jobs and sports are already taken by other races. Take basketball, for instance – I have not seen a white NBA player who’s an American in years. And they’re ruining all sports. Golf is no different – Tiger Woods spends more time nowadays apologizing about his affair than actually playing golf. It’s an all-out invasion, and we’re not doing anything about it,” Schlafly added.

She also said: “But the reason why I’m focusing on baseball right now is the fact that neither basketball nor golf are traditional American sports and favorite pastimes. That also goes for that European thing, what’s it called? Soccer, I think is the name. That’s a game for girls. But baseball, baseball has it all: strength, endurance, speed, intelligence, and luck. And what’s happening now? It’s being hijacked, literally everybody except white American men are playing it professionally. Baseball in 1944 was baseball in the real sense of the word. We need to get real players back on the field, real Americans who have baseball in their DNA. Because when you turn on the TV now, all you’re looking at is an international circus show. And it’s mostly black people’s fault.”

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