Policeman Turned Down by Transgender Woman, Arrests Her for Prostitution

PHOENIX – Transgender woman Monica Jones, who made headlines when she protested Arizona’s controversial religious discriminatory bill SB 1062, was arrested by an undercover policeman for “manifestation of prostitution” after turning down the officer’s unwanted advance.

“She told me she had absolutely no interest in having sex with me,” said the policeman, whose name has been withheld. “I knew right then she was a whore. So I busted her.”

According to reports, Jones was walking near her home when the officer drove up to her and offered her a ride. When she turned him down, she was then arrested under the law 23-52 Prostitution, which allows a policeman to arrest a woman for no other reason than asking if they are police.

Once arrested, Ms. Jones- who had not yet been charged by police- was brought in handcuffs to a church basement, where she was told that if she enrolled in “Project Rose” and found Jesus, she would not be charged with a crime and would have no arrest record. She refused and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, despite the existence of two witnesses who testified that the officer approached Jones- theoretically invalidating the law used to arrest her.

Jones believes her arrest was no accident. “I believe I was profiled as a sex worker because I am a transgender woman of color, and an activist,” she said.

The Phoenix police department, however, holds a different view. “Miss Jones was not profiled due to her activism. Officer XXXX just wanted a little oral sex from a transgender woman of color,” said the department in a statement. “If she’d just gotten in his car the whole thing would’ve been over in, like 30 seconds, tops.”

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