Political Jargon: How to Lighten up the Monotony in 2017

As you will no doubt know, here at Politicops, we think that the world of politics can be taken a touch too seriously at political jargon times!

Our take on the news might sometimes feel like it is flying in the face of the common “message” delivered by the no longer “fair and balanced” Fox News (a slogan that satirists worldwide were horrified to see ditched by the conservative news channel) and other major political jargon broadcasters.

Political Jargon Lighten Monotony

But it seems like we’re not the only ones to take a political jargon tongue in cheek approach to the complex and at times simply unbelievable world of politics.

The recent general election in the UK not only pitted a “geography teacher” against a “knackered old goat” (according to the respected UK political commentators Rants N Bants). But also helped to fine tune some of the worst one-line of political tweets phrases any of us have seen since the last US presidential election.

UK Political Jargon Chants

Which brought us the joy of truly inspiring (or not) chants like “build that wall” and non-angry white guy “U-S-A” chants at wannabe President Clin-ton rallies.
Strong and Stable Bingo Calling
In the UK, the wonderful campaign slogans heard time and time again, like “strong and stable leadership” – yuck – even managed to push people towards getting involved in an election bingo game.

Which helped to show the political class that when people can’t be bothered with election slogans, they can at least still have some fun with them. Bingo is one of the most popular iGaming activities in the UK, with stunning growth seen over the last few years, stimulated by the wealth of welcome bonuses on offer.

The Themes of Diverse as Politics

In fact, in the UK, you can play “match that phrase” bingo relating to themes as diverse as politics, the X Factor, and, of course, Eurovision.

Nothing beats politics-related bingo though, which is great news for those of us who are sick of stuck up politicians taking things super seriously (or as South Park would say, “I’m cereal!”).

Getting Ready for the Impeachment Hearing, Bingo Style?

Given the recent James Comey testimony and the furore in the US at the moment about our beloved President Trump and his fabulous hair, perhaps the challenge now is to start thinking about ways to enjoy the 24/7 news coverage of any potential impeachment hearing that he may face.

If we stick with our bingo theme for a moment or two, perhaps we will have to start working out phrases to check off on our virtual bingo cards, with guaranteed calls likely to include “crooked” and “the Washington political elite”, and some less likely ones to include “Republicans fully support President Trump”.

Despite the potential to go down this route, we could also start to enjoy the challenge of trying to work out who has the power in any impeachment hearing by making a set of political jargon cards to show who is the ace (a tough choice) and who is the joker (perhaps you could just include all the Trump team for this one?) while of course trying to pick the lower level players as they try to overstate their importance and role in any impeachment hearing.

Never-Ending Cycles…

If an impeachment hearing doesn’t happen in the US then we will need to start getting ourselves ready for the midterm elections, for which campaigning is about to start political jargon.

Yes, that’s right, we may have just had to deal with seemingly the world’s longest election cycle but we now get the pure joy of having to listen to just slightly tweaked statements until late 2018, by which time we can start getting ready for the next primary cycle and the return of Clin-ton and those oh-so-wonderful chants!

With the world of politics more and more resembling the world of comedy that seeks to humiliate political jargon, perhaps satire and having a bit of fun by mocking the reality of the world is the best way to deal with the crises that keep occurring for the political jargon class. If bingo and card making can help endure the rolling news coverage, let’s stick with thew blogs!