Pope Supports Vatican Video: “Big Bosom Blondes Are Also God’s Creation, I Thank Him Every Day”

“No one can escape the reality that sex sells – not even one of the world’s oldest religious institutions.

“The Vatican has come under fire for releasing a promotional video online featuring a “sexy blonde” actress advertising a new women’s initiative. Attractive Italian actress Nancy Brilli is better known for her role as a cheeky two-timing girlfriend in an ‘80s Italian comedy, Piccoli Equivoci (A Little Misunderstanding).

“However, in the video released by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, the 50-year-old invites women around the world to join a crowdsourcing project by submitting short smartphone videos of their lives for an upcoming assembly dedicated to the theme of “Women’s Cultures.”

“Associated Press reported that the video was quickly taken down after it was widely ridiculed and criticized online. A weekly US newspaper, National Catholic Reporter, compared it to a soap opera or cosmetics commercial.

“The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture has posted a two-minute video of a sexy blonde woman inviting other women to crowdsource another video for its February meeting.

““Aside from the obvious – sexy sell has long gone by the boards in developed nations and is totally unacceptable in predominantly Muslim countries – the fact to the matter is that highlighting a stereotypical spokeswoman is not the way to ask women’s input.”

The Pope, on the other hand, has taken the side of the Council and has criticized the public for having “double standards.”

“Pornography and various mainstream film industries throughout the world are allowed to exploit the theme of the Catholic Church, nuns, priests and myself indefinitely in order to make a profit; however, when the Church attempts to apply the same logic and strategy in order to realize a far more noble idea, it becomes subject to scrutiny and judgments from millions around the globe. Double standards never brought anything good to anyone,” the Pope said exclusively to Newslo.

“As much as some of you don’t want to admit it, sexy blondes with big bosoms were also put on this Earth by our Lord. The least we could do is thank Him for it on a daily basis. I know I do,” Pope Francis concluded.