GOP Representatives Say Only Way To Agree With Obama On Immigration Reform Is – Population Exchange…Including Him

“Michael McCaul, the Chairman Rep. from Texas, has called out the Obama administration for side stepping Congress to push the immigration overhaul through, while at the same time acknowledging the country’s immigration system is broken.

““This is just not the way democracy works”, he stated, and added: “regardless of where you stand on the issue, there’s a right way to do this and there’s a wrong way.”

“Obama’s executive actions would halt deportations for nearly five million illegal immigrants, which applies to those who have been in the country for more than five years and have kids who are citizens or green card holders.

“Congress must pass a government funding bill by the 11th of December, in order to avoid a partial government shutdown. While conservatives are eager to use that bill as leverage to block Obama’s moves, Republican leaders fear that could result in a veto by Obama and a subsequent shutdown.

However, although the GOP isn’t really known for being subtle or quiet in any way or meaning, lately rumors have been circling around that a “behind the curtains” solution had been found. Apparently, many voices are saying that it’s certainly not the best of solutions, although it is a necessary one.

Newslo’s source inside the GOP has confirmed these rumors just moments after Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was ripped into by Republican lawmakers on Tuesday.

“In the purpose of finding a common language, the Republicans have agreed to something they normally wouldn’t even dream of. The plan is to compromise with Obama in the interest of the greater good and allow a population exchange between the US and Mexico”, the source told Newslo.

The ingenious plan of the leading US politicians is to allow 5 million Mexicans to become legal US citizens, and in exchange send 5 million Americans (including the current White House occupant) to become citizens of Mexico.

President Obama was not available for comment, but a White House source close to the President’s staff has revealed that “although no one is supposed to know about this yet, the President is finally relieved that a solution for the immigration reform has been found. He was planning to work on his tan anyway.”

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