Michigan Republican Mike Rogers Says The Chinese Won’t Dare Touch US Power Grid

“Washington, D.C. – The Republican representative for Michigan, Mike Rogers, says he was informed that “China and “one or two” other countries possess the resources and know-how to launch a cyber-attack that could shut down the entire US power grid, along with other critical infrastructure.”

“The information came as a surprise to the American officials at a congressional panel on Thursday. The head of the US Cyber Command and the NSA (National Security Agency) provided the latest information at the hearing.
““The software that had been detected in China could seriously damage the nation’s economic future by interfering with power company networks and other critical systems”, admiral Michael Rogers told the panel. He added: “it enables you to shut down very tailored, very segmented parts of our infrastructure that forestall the ability to provide that service to us as citizens”, while describing the malware to the House Intelligence Committee.
Politicians, as always, seem to have a habit of not taking the experts’ warnings seriously.

“I completely understand where Admiral Rogers is coming from, and he’s doing quite a job, I might add. But, the fact to the matter is – it’s highly unlikely that the Chinese are planning to launch a cyber-attack on the US. How do I know? Well, such a move quite simply wouldn’t be economically viable for them”, said (the other) Mike Rogers, the Republican representative for Michigan.

Asked by Newslo to clarify his comment, the Michigan representative smiled and said: “they’d be crazy to mess with our power grid, considering the fact that the half billion lamps they sold us last year are still under their two-year warranty. The Chinks have major cojones, we all know that, but they’ve never been stupid.”