The US President Pranked By The Ukrainian Prime Minister

New York City, New York – United States President Barrack Obama witnessed an unfortunate and slightly embarrassing turn of events when, during a dinner in one of NYC’s finest restaurants, “Estela” on the 24th of September, his credit card was declined.

Obama initially thought that he had become a victim of identity theft, but luckily, the First Lady, Michel Obama, swooped in and saved the day with her credit card, which worked (thankfully).

However, according to the staff of the restaurant, Mr. President received a note that read “Got Ya! You Better Think Twice The Next Time You Feel Like Messing With My Country During the General Assembly.”

Eye-witnesses report that he quickly starter looking around at other customers, which didn’t go unnoticed by the Secret Service agents on detail to guard the president. Pretty soon, the situation became clear: the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, decided to prank the US President!

“It really was something that you think you would only see in a movie” said Thomas Carter, Estella’s co-owner; “the President was initially surprised by the fact that his credit card was declined, and he seemed to have settled down after his wife Michel managed to find one they could use. But, after he had gotten a note, he put on a sour smile and gave a nod to someone a couple of tables away. It was obvious that they know each other and that the other person had something to do with the Presidents credit card malfunction”, Carter added.

Of course, Obama pretended like the incident had nothing to do with a foreign dignitary wanting to have a laugh with him; in fact, sometime after, at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he claimed that it was all a simple misunderstanding. Well, of course it was, Mr. President – just not the one you’d want the people to think it was.