Premium self-publishing packages

Self-publishing is becoming the more popular route to take when compared to traditional publishing.  Perhaps one of the bigger benefits of self-publishing is the chance you get to be really creative and do your own thing. With self-publishing packages, you can publish your book quickly, pick an eye-catching cover and upload your manuscript so that people can start buying your book and earn you bucks.

Publishing houses sometimes select a book’s cover and design on their own without even consulting with the author for their say.  Every writer enjoys having creative control over their work, and premium self-publishing packages allow just that.

Self-Publishing Packages at different Prices

You get a range of self-publishing packages at Mindstir Media, but each one is designed to meet all the needs of independent authors. For example, you can take your pick from the standard-, advanced-, bestseller or premier self-publishing packages. There are also packages which can be tailored to the author’s specific needs and their budget. 

Having a clear goal for your book will help you determine which self-publishing package to go for. You may, for instance, you may not want to invest in a lot of money to produce something highly professional. Your objective may be to simply create a book to give away as a gift to family and friends. 

Make Changes without costs involved

Self-publishing a print book is easy with the right package. You choose book size, format your Word manuscript to adapt to the size and turn your Word doc into a PDF. After you officially publish your book, you can still make changes. If you were to use a traditional publisher, they would in all likelihood charge a fee for making changes.

From editing to design to post-release marketing, premium self-publishing packages don’t only give you creative control, there are financial rewards too. With traditional publishing, you have to pay the publishers, whereas if you self-publish, you get all the money that comes from the sale of your book.

Self-publishing has never been a one-size-fits-all concept and that is why you get different packages that come with different prices to suit. Your self-publishing package also includes the design of your book cover, formatting of the actual interior of the book as well as ebook conversion as well as the submission of the book files to the printer.

As already suggested, not all self-publishing companies are the same, but you can be sure of the quality of self-published books. You may not be able to do overly fancy stuff but you can still give your book a good cover. 

An Awesome Publishing Experience

These publishing packages provide authors with a wonderful publishing experience, bringing services to authors that are believed to exceed the publishing experience you get from traditional publishers.
Whether paperbacks or hardcover books, black and white covers or color covers, these packages give your books an excellent chance to succeed in the market.