4 Tips to Make Big Money With an on Demand Business Model

When was the last time you ordered an Uber? Accessed an on-demand video service like Netflix, Amazon or HBO? These are all on-demand services. These are services that anyone can get from the click of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

They are great for the consumer and for this age where everything is available instantly. But how do you set up an on-demand business model that works for you and your company?

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Build A Great App

The first thing you need for a great on-demand business is a great app that users feel comfortable using. To make this a reality you need to invest time and money in getting your app work.

You first need to come up with the concept. What are you hoping to sell or achieve with the app and how can its functionality be improved so that it’s simple to use? Apps that are difficult to use or that don’t display the information a customer wants within a few seconds turn customers off.

They will simply give up with the app and decide to download another one instead that better fulfills their needs.

If you want to develop a new app then there are several features that you should consider integrating to make it that little bit easier.

Mobile Payment Systems

Users hate having to add their credit or debit cards to an app. It takes time and it can often mean having to run to another room to find the physical card.

Be sure to integrate mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay and Android Pay into your app. This means all the user has to do is verify the payment with their fingerprint or face.

There is no need to enter a CV or security code or even for two-factor authentication that some banks require.

Google Maps

Having to copy and paste the address of the store or venue and paste it into Google Maps can be a pain for most users. It means they have to move away from your app to get the information they want, which could mean they abort their purchase altogether.

You can solve this issue by ensuring that Google Maps is integrated into your app so that users can see locations of the store and the distance from their own home from the app itself.

2. Hire Great Staff & Pay Them Well

What’s the point in having a great app for an on-demand business if you don’t have wonderful staff who can generate profit for the company and improve the customer experience for everyone.

Staff can be anyone from delivery drivers bringing your food to your customers, customer service representatives at the end of the phone or online on the app to resolve any issues.

But it also involves anyone who works in HR or accounting and even the managers themselves.

Everyone who works for the company should be great at problem-solving and should have the right attitude. They should be committed people, ready to take the company forward and see it through the difficult first six months.

Hiring Process

Consider a stringent hiring process for all levels of the business. This could involve an interview and a testing day.

Be sure to review every application in detail and not just glance through applications even if you are bombarded with them.

3. Disrupt The Market

A great on-demand business also offers something that other companies don’t, innovating or disrupting in someway.

Fintech or neo banks are popular because they offer services such as free currency transfers abroad and app-only banking that traditional banks don’t. Equally, same day courier services are popular because they mean users no longer have to wait for the traditional mail to arrive.

Netflix achieved popularity because it dispensed with the idea of having to buy DVDs or films online individually and have them shipped to you. Instead, you could pay a subscription every month and watch a wide variety.

If you want to make a great app then you need to great a product or service that hasn’t been done before and do it well.

4. Market Your Services

Finally, you can make the best services on demand in all of the world but if you don’t market them no one will hear about them.

Hire a brand manager to help you develop your brand and your core business messages. From there you can start to create an effective marketing campaign that is right for you.

As your business grows you can hire bloggers to write Search Engine Optimized content and graphic designers to design your website for you.

On-Demand Services Are The Future

In the past ten years, the internet has revolutionized the way we live our lives. The 2010s was the decade of smartphones, smart TVs, Uber, fintech and more. And the 2020s are set to see the volume of on-demand services increase further as technology improves to even more sophisticated levels.

It’s an amazing time to be starting on-demand services but you need to consider your product. How will it offer customers anything different from their current offerings?

After you have a solid idea you can then start designing an app that customers will love and that will improve their lives. You can then start creating a marketing campaign that is effective and hard-hitting.

If you are interested in reading more about on-demand services or how to make money in this economy then be sure to check out the rest of our site.