Divorced And On The Prowl, Putin Goes Interracial

“Beijing, China – When it comes to matters of love, it would appear that the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is a man who doesn’t like to waste time. In full accordance with his macho-manly-DIY approach to politics and presidency, the Russian President has recently demonstrated that he woes the ladies in a similar fashion.

“Not only is the APEC summit in Beijing an unpleasant event for the majority of world leaders, but it also tests their abilities to act as gentlemen, apparently. The perfect example of this is that fact that, while Chinese President Xi Jinping was having a “friendly” chat with his US counterpart Barrack Obama, “Vladimir the Sneaky” had other things in mind. Things like Jinping’s wife.

“Namely, Putin wrapped a shawl around the Chinese President’s wife and, as a result, the official host of the summit appeared inattentive, whereas the Russian President came off as gallant. Putin, who is regarded as a heartthrob among millions of Chinese women, has managed to cause a real problem for the harsh Party authorities, who immediately saw to it that the detail, which was briefly shared on the Internet, was deleted and removed.

On the other hand, witnesses report that the two lovebirds (not Xi and his wife) were eye-balling each other the entire evening, which leads to the conclusion that Mrs. Jinping is not entirely immune to Putin’s manly charm.

Whether the chemistry between Putin and his newly acquired target is indicative of simple bodily passion, or it perhaps signifies true love, is something that remains to be seen.

Although, several members of President Putin’s security detail, who have requested anonymity for understandable reasons, have said to Newslo that “there was a noticeable spark in the Russian President’s eye throughout the rest of the evening, and it became particularly visible after making the gesture that demonstrated his gentleman-like conduct.”