Quad Strain Forces Derek Jeter Out of Date with Supermodel

NEW YORK — Derek Jeter was forced to exit a date with a supermodel last night after aggravating the quad injury he suffered during his only game with the Yankees this year.

Jeter, 39, was rounding second base on his couch when he pulled up lame and excused himself to stretch. “I felt it tighten up when I got out of the limo, but I thought I could play through. I needed a win,” said the shortstop.

“I could tell he doesn’t have the range that he once did,” said Jeter’s date, “and his bat speed has slowed down. His wrists aren’t as quick. It was disappointing.”

The evening’s rendezvous was only Jeter’s third date with a supermodel this year. The aging Yankee Captain spent the last nine months recovering from a twice-broken ankle that forced him out of last year’s ALCS. He spent the first half of the season rehabbing with cocktail waitresses and aspiring actresses on Staten Island and the Jersey Shore, where he posted an unprecedented .736 average.

The latest injury is another sign that Jeter may be in the twilight of his storied career. In 19 years as a Yankee, he has bedded Victoria’s Secret models, A-list actresses, and even Miss Universe, all the while racking up 4,724 total bases.

“Obviously it’s a huge disappointment. Everybody knows the high standard that I hold myself to, and I want to do whatever I can to get back in the game,” said Jeter.

Jeter will be reevaluated after the All-Star break, but there is currently no timetable for his return. GM Brian Cashman said another stint in the bush leagues is possible. “We just have to give it some time and see how he responds,” said Cashman. “There was talk of his decline back in 2010, but then he nabbed Minka Kelly. Everybody knows he’s a grinder. He’ll be back.”