Queen Elizabeth Posts A Tweet; The World Ceases To Exist In Response

” London, England – Queen Elizabeth, one of the longest reigning monarchs in the history of the British Empire, seems to be keeping up with modern technology. The occasion was certainly one that deserves such an important gesture from an equally important persona – the opening of a new gallery of the Science Museum in Central London.

” The Queen even removed her glove, which is something she hardly ever does, in order to type on the tablet; she typed “I hope people will enjoy visiting” the exhibition. Observed by more than 600 guests of the gallery, she sent her first tweet through the official Twitter account of the British monarchy.

” As expected, Her Majesty’s message had already been re-tweeted in excess of 15, 000 times just several hours later.

In fact, news broadcasters and major media houses from all across the globe are reporting that the Queen’s message snowballed and caused reactions from people in the majority of countries on all continents.

World governments and societies have halted their daily duties and responsibilities, workers in factories have ceased to do their jobs, kids have massively started to skip school and all they’re doing is trying to get their hands on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer in order to log on to Twitter and see what else Her Royal Majesty posts.

“I virtually cannot believe I am doing this, but I’ve just quit my job and told my boss to go to hell; the meaning of my life is empty unless I listen to what the Queen of England has to say, or rather, post on her Twitter account. Her infinite wisdom is what we’ll need in order to survive these apocalyptic times”, says Joanna Remington, 24, from Manchester, United Kingdom.

So, there you have it: British monarchs – setting revolutions in motion with mere words since the middle ages.