Rafael Cruz: “St. Antonin Scalia Committed Suicide To Ensure Americans Vote For My Son”

Commenting on the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and his eventual replacement on the court, Rev. Rafael Cruz said the situation could unbalance the court – liberal vs. conservative – and affect America for 30 years, but lamented that the Republic likely won’t survive another 30 years. “We need to be talking about the issues that are facing America, which are very, very serious, Rev. Cruz said. “Just look at the tragic death of Justice Scalia, one of the most constitutionally sound justices we’ve ever had.”

“Saint Antonin Scalia – and I’m referring to him as a saint because I believe he should be named one because he died for this country and for Christianity – was one of the last surviving crusaders and fighters against the evil that is sweeping across America today,” Cruz senior opined. “He was a true constitutionalist and a living, breathing embodiment of conservative, traditional America. The fact that he is no longer among us opens up the opportunity for Obama or somebody else to name the wrong person as the next Justice of the Supreme Court. If Scalia’s replacement were to be another liberal, we might as well all commit mass suicide right away.”

“And speaking of suicide,” rev. Cruz continued, “I would like to add that I wholeheartedly believe that that was how Justice Scalia actually died. I don’t believe he died in his sleep; I believe he consciously and willingly went to meet our Lord, Jesus Christ, and I also believe he only had one reason to do it – to show the people of America why my son should – no, scratch that, – must be the next President of the United States. My son is a conservative and a traditionalist, just like Scalia was, and I know it was Scalia’s wish that my son Ted becomes President. I know this because he told me so.”

Cruz also added that “the people of America must understand that I do not want my son to become president out of my own, selfish ambitions or desires. The reason why Ted should be elected as the supreme commander is because he must be the one who names Scalia’s successor. No one but my son will name another conservative to serve on the Supreme Court. We need to understand that our liberties as Americans are at risk, and that only by keeping the balance of power within SCOTUS will we be able to save our country from complete and utter demise. And besides, I believe my good friend St. Scalia is watching us from above right now and saying, ‘I better not have killed myself for nothing, you dumbasses.’ So, my fellow Americans, don’t vote for Ted because I’m telling you to – do it because Scalia wanted it. God wants it. Every normal and sane American today wants it. I mean, it’s really a no-brainer.”

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