Rand Paul: “Middle-Aged Woman To Lead The U.S.? With All Those Hormones? Ridiculous”

“Is Hillary Clinton too old to be president? He won’t say it outright, but that’s the question Sen. Rand Paul is getting at. The likely Republican presidential candidate told Politico Monday: “It’s a very taxing undertaking to go through. It’s a rigorous physical ordeal, I think, to be able to campaign for the presidency.”

“And he’s hardly alone among Republicans in wielding Clinton’s 67 years against her. Rick Santorum called the former secretary of state “old,” Sen. Mitch McConnell compared her to a cast member from “The Golden Girls,” and Bobby Jindal called her an “old, tired candidate.” Meanwhile, longtime Clinton foe Matt Drudge accused Clinton of using a walker during a magazine cover photo shoot, and the conservative Free Beacon has had plenty of laughs at the expense of Clinton’s age.

“It’s obvious why a relatively young field of Republican presidential hopefuls see benefit in painting Clinton as old, but it’s unfamiliar territory for Republicans, who are used to defending their own nominees’ advanced ages. In 1984, it was Ronal Reagan – still the oldest president in American history – who had to contend with age questions, especially after he stumbled in his first debate with Democrat Walter Mondale. “Sigh, Ronald Reagan, sigh,” was all former Clinton aide Tracy Sefl said when asked to respond to Paul.

“Ed Rollins, who managed Reagan’s campaign that year, said Republican attacks on Clinton’s age could prove counterproductive. “Republicans will obviously try to make it an issue but I think those attacks won’t work and may backfire. If she loses it won’t be because she’s too old, and maybe because she and her policies are too familiar with Obama, he told MSNBC.

However, speaking exclusively to Newslo, Paul stated that “there’s a completely natural reason why women should not be given too much control in anything, let alone being at the forefront of one of the most powerful nations in the world.”

“Hey, don’t blame me, I’m not the one responsible for things like PMS and hormonal insanity women typically go through all their lives, that has to do with the big man upstairs,” Paul said. “Imagine a woman in the midst of a hormonal tantrum having to decide whether to invade a foreign country, or better yet, how to respond to a terrorist attack on American soil. You’d probably see nukes flying all over the place, and nobody wants that. You get the picture, so I really think Americans should think hard before voting in 2016. After all, we men are biologically much more stable.”

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