Rand Paul: “Why are they showing Interracial Hugging On The News?”

“Portland, Oregon – a photo of a white police office hugging a black 12-year old boy with tears streaming down his face has managed to circle the world in a day.

“Literally every major TV, news and internet portal have featured the artwork of Johnny Nguyen, 20, a freelance photographer.

“The boy, who was holding a sign offering “Free Hugs” at a protest on Tuesday over a jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michal Brown was approached by Portland police Sgt. Bret Barnum, prior to extending his hand.

“According to the boy’s mother, “the officer asked Devonte (the boy’s name) why he was crying, and after the child responded he was concerned about the level of police brutality towards young black kids, the officer asked if he could have one of his free hugs.”

“Coincidence would have it that Mr. Nguyen was there with a camera, and the rest has already made history.

“Within hours of its posting, the picture had been shared in excess of 150,000 times;apparently, not one of those shares was thanks to Republican Rand Paul, whose inflammatory statements have caused such an immense reaction of the public, that even Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, had to react and call for peace via personal Facebook status.

“I will personally see to it that that Portland police officer gets suspended and is docked pay; he must be out of his mind hugging a black kid during a protest over another white guy getting off the hook for killing another black kid!” Rand reportedly screamed at his assistant after having seen the report on TV.

He allegedly continued in the same manner: “to hell with all that the Republican Party does for white people; we bust our asses and get THIS in return?! Oh no, I’ll show them!
Paul was quick to make good on his threats; in a subsequent interview with Fox News, he stated that it’s “outrageous what white people are letting themselves go through to undermine the GOP.”

And then the bombshell came on: “you know what? If Americans are prepared to smash and break government property all over the country over one little grand jury decision, I’d like to see what they’ll do after a no-mixed-race-hugging-law-in-public is passed by the Senate? Actually, they best get ready; I’m not a man who makes empty promises!”